2-Step Process to Help You Achieve Your Goals

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how to achieve your goals

What goals do you have for your life? If you have goals, is it just in your head? Or do you have a methodology to manifest them? There is a  systematic process to think of anything you want, and ultimately acquire it. Sounds like magic, doesn’t it? That is because by using a process, the results are so effective that it seems like something out of a fantastic anecdote.

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For the beginner, I recommend the following undemanding two-step process:

Step 1: Elaborately envision the goal.

For example, if your goal is to move into a new house by the middle of next year, then close your eyes and picture the house clearly. Be specific; for example, be specific about the neighborhood.

And the smell… Imagine what everything would smell like! Can you smell your favorite food that you are cooking in your new huge kitchen? Can you smell the faint fragrance of the roses in the backyard through that open window? Can you get the soft whiff of the ocean as it roughly clashes on the rocks a few hundred feet from your balcony?

Can you hear it? Can you hear the ocean? Can you hear the pale, but the unmistakably robust sound of the waves?

Touch the leather on the recliner. Can you feel the abounding texture? Can you see the deep luxuriant color? Can you smell the plush tang of rich leather?

If you have trouble conjuring up images of your own creation, then you must spend more time dreaming about the things, which make you happy. Certainly, if you practice the above exercise again, you will see the difference. You may need some practice in conjuring up the future reality.

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Step 2: Write it down.

Write it down in detail. Write it and read it. Read it every day.

Do not forget those details that make the goals worth living. For example, just do not envision the house, envision it with the people you love and care for in it with you.

Take one goal at a time, and you will realize that how you acquire your objectives is not important, but the reasons you want to acquire them are. The reasons are the feelings you create in yourself, when you envision your dreams so unmistakably.

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There are many paths to the goal. In fact, there are infinite paths, with infinite variables intermingling at every possible junction. We often make the mistake of concentrating all our energies on this most complicated arrangement.

Remember, if you take one goal at a time, then there is only one goal, that one dream. All paths lead to that one goal. Concentrate on that, and everything in your life will be orchestrated to gently deliver you to your goal.

In my book, If You Row, You Will Not Drift: Perfect Life Management – The Life Wizard, I take the techniques of management of the Fortune 500 companies, and use to run our everyday lives. So you can finally get organized and row ahead with a purpose. The secret here is the management of your thoughts, and its final direction toward everything that you want.

As I conducted the goal manifestation process every time I thought of having something worthwhile in my life, the stronger my faith got. Perhaps it is the combination of vision, determination, and prayer. Or perhaps it is something so unexplained that the universe throws at us, which the humans cannot even conceive at the present time, but it works every time. Of course, it takes time, but eventually it works.

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2-Step Process to Help You Achieve Your Goals
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2-Step Process to Help You Achieve Your Goals
If you have goals in life, how do you manifest them in your daily life and make them as clear as it can be. Learn some ways of goal manifestation using a 2-step process to help you achieve your goals
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