Importance of Setting Your Goals in Writing

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reach for the skySetting goals and taking the necessary actions to achieve them is an interesting process. Although most if us agree that goals are important, not every one sets goals on a regular basis.

Written Goals Lead to More Success

Among those of us who regularly do set goals, few of us actually put them in writing. I recently read that many motivation experts and success psychologists claim that 95% of the people in the world do not have written goals and fail, while 5% have written goals and succeed. Assuming this statistic is true, by writing your business goals down, you are more likely to achieve them than if you just keep them tucked away in the back of your mind.

Going It Alone

In addition to not putting goals in writing, it seems to me that there’s another reason that many people fail to achieve their goals. Too many people limit their likelihood of success by trying to do too much on their own. This is particularly true of real estate agents and self-employed professionals. Given the choice between doing something ourselves and involving others, most of us choose to go it alone. And for some reason that I fail to understand, marketing is something that many agents think that they can and should do on their own. Performing marketing activities alone is neither the best approach, nor is it the only one.

Involve Other People

The breadth and depth of marketing make it an ideal business function in which you can benefit from involving others in your business. Certainly paid staff can be expected to participate in marketing activities. Unpaid outsiders can also make valuable contributions. One source of unpaid help is supportive family and friends. As well as knowing you and your business, the people know lots of information and people you don’t know, but would benefit from knowing. One family member might hear or read a news item that could offer you an exciting new opportunity. Or another could learn about a new development that might pose a threat to your business. Similarly, a well-connected friend may know of a new, unique marketing resource that will help you better promote your business. This kind of information represents powerful market research, its value increased because it’s free.

Unpaid Marketing Support

As well as research, your unpaid marketing staff can also help you find new business. From a marketing perspective, it’s generally accepted that 85% of new business comes from word-of-mouth recommendations and referrals. Successful businesses rely on recommendations from unpaid family, friends, clients and others. What’s the best way to get these referrals and recommendations? Ask for them. Your unpaid marketing staff will likely make referrals to you, if and when they can. But you must let them know that you are looking for referrals. It’s also important to clarify the kinds of clients you are seeking.

Saying Thank You

When you do receive market research or referrals from your unpaid people, common courtesy and good business practice dictate that you acknowledge their contributions. Sometimes a simple thank you is enough. On other occasions a thank you gift might be more appropriate. Whatever your business goals, putting them in writing is a great start. It will certainly help you achieve them. And don’t go it alone in your marketing. Invite others to help you achieve your goals and share in your success.

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