Four Qualities of Good Leaders

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Great leaders have a multitude of traits that make them good leaders. This article will cover four of these traits that we cover four important traits of great leaders have. We will discuss what the quality is, what makes the trait valuable, and also ways to work on growing in these traits.

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Integrity is about being and doing exactly what you say you will do and be. If a person has integrity you know who they are and you know you can trust them, if you have something that needs to be done you will turn to them and not worry if it will get done because you know it will. Do you want people to look at you that way?

Action steps:

Decide what you think is right. Decide who you want to be, what you want people to think when they think of you. Then make sure every action you take is consistent with this image you created of yourself in what you say, write, post on the internet (this one is becoming bigger and bigger with web 2.0), and do.


Charisma is spark. People with charisma, are like light to moths, they attract. People gather around people that have charisma. For leaders it is showing energy and enthusiasm whenever you are talking about your area. People know you care, and they want to join in, they want to be a part of what you are talking about with great energy.

Action steps:

The first action step, to leading with energy is, passion, make sure you are leading in something you care about. If you are great, if you don’t feel that passion, first see if you can relight it where you are sometime this is possible, sometime it really is that you should be somewhere else, if that is try you should find that something else get in that.

The second area of charisma is what you feel about yourself, as a leader. If you don’t feel strong as a leader it will show. How you feel about yourself as an expert in the area you are leading, if you don’t feel like an expert in the area you won’t be able to present it well. Confidence speaking is also vital.


Know what you are leading on study and study often. Practice public speaking, build your speaking ability practice, join a speaking group such as Toast Masters.

Forward thinking- you cannot lead without knowing where you want to go. A leader must look at where they have been where they are and use that information to help create a growth plan of where they want to be. The where you have been will help you know what is possible. It will also let you know what works and what does not.

Action steps:

Take some time and write down what you have done, go back as far as you want. Make note of what has been good and bad. This can be done for work and personal.

Think off thing you want. Use the information you have to make a plan of how. Be willing to seek new knowledge to help you achieve these goals.


Exemplary can be tied to some of the above, such as leading by example. If you are a leader, and you want your team to work hard and fast, you should be doing so and more. Followers will follow at level lower than the leader. People learn by what they see, you will get the best results from your followers by showing.

Action steps:

Look at what you are doing is it the example you want to set, if not change. When you want to teach something find a way to show, what you want to teach and it can increase the learning speed.


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