Starting a Daycare Franchise: Should I Opt for a Montessori Daycare?

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Kindergarten teacher and children looking at globe in librarySo, you’re biting the bullet, quitting the 9 – 5 and starting your day care however, you’re only now realizing what you’ve let yourself in for. You sigh as you survey the growing to do list and decisions to be made e.g. are daycare franchises for you, should you have a Montessori day care as opposed to other curriculum and numerous other weighty questions.

Turnkey, tried and tested, lots of hand holding – all make a day care franchise very appealing. Customer loyalty is more easily acquired thanks to instant brand recognition. Licensing, staff/owner training, building selection, getting funding, the building process and actually opening your business will be covered in the development process.

Ongoing direction and support for staff may be included in the package along with a proprietary curriculum and building design templates. Advertising effectively and successfully will be a breeze with the use of a recognized brand plus tried and tested operations manuals and paperwork will mean a lot less headaches. Home office support can be part of come franchises also.

Sounds like a great, turnkey deal huh? All this convenience comes with a high price tag (and that’s before you start collecting fees!) plus you often need to prove a substantial net worth before a franchise will touch you. Better hope to win the lottery! Sounds like a great, turnkey deal huh? However, franchises are extremely pricey and require an upfront financial commitment plus proof of a healthy net worth (and that’s before you even open your doors). Better hope to win lots of cash somewhere!

Onwards to the curriculum consideration. There are many, excellent programs to choose from so you really need to do some thorough research to establish which method might best suit your day care (or you could just draw straws :-)). Ever thoughtful, I’ve compiled a list of the better known programs with a short synopsis to help you on your way:

Play based – children learn through focused play

Montessori – teacher observes the development, supporting the child but not getting in the way of, nor interfering in the child’s ability to perceive the real world

Waldorf Method – based on the concept that the children must love to learn therefore they learn through play, imitation and imagination.

High/Scope – children learn through doing. They have responsibility for their own work and teachers facilitate

Reggio Emilio – focuses on the natural development of the child in relation to their environment

Piaget – children develop best through interaction with both teachers and peers

Steiner – based on the belief that education should be designed to meet the changing needs of children as they develop

While daycare franchises may not be the route for you they definitely have a lot of appeal to those with a little extra cash and not much time. Your curriculum definitely requires lots of thought and whilst I find my Montessori day care to be a wonderful learning environment, so to are many of the other excellent methods.



Find out about childcare from Fiona Lohrenz who has run her own day care for the past 10 years. She incorporates all that knowledge into her website and her ‘Start a Day Care Business’ DVD guide: How To Start A Daycare Find her at her Day Care focused website.

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