Wine Tasting Lessons for Home Business Entrepreneurs

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wine tasting

Have you ever watched a wine expert do wine tasting? They don’t just sit down and drink a glass of wine; they can’t do it! They have to swirl the wine in the glass, look at its color, lift it up to their nose and take a big sniff. Then, and only then, can they just put it to their lips and drink it!

They know what they are doing when it comes to wine, and they know that it takes all sensory actions and reactions to grasp the full flavor and body of the drink.

I find this amazing, and yet, a very good lesson for home-based businesses. You must use all of your senses to help you find success. You must feel the product that you offer. Put it between your fingers, touch the quality of it as well as let your fingers have the opportunity to remember how it feels.

You must hear yourself and listen to your customers. Being fluent in utilizing all that you have heard will help you hone your professionalism as well as know exactly what you need to do to improve your business.

Smelling and tasting senses are certainly important to businesses who have anything to do with fragrances and/or culinary items. Is what you are offering offensive to you, and could it be potentially offensive to others? Even going so far as to know the ingredients will vastly improve your knowledge and, perhaps, your ability to sell your products well.

Finally, vision:

  • What do you see in your product?
  • What do others see?
  • What are you doing to improve the visual aspects of your business?
  • How does your advertising look?
  • What can be done to improve upon the visual nature of your product to make it more appealing to others?
  • Do your eyes dance when they see what you have to offer?

Visual perfection is a very powerful tool!

Watching someone who knows wine, drink a glass just drives me nuts! But, then again, it is their approach that makes them enjoy each and every ounce.

Try using all of your senses to improve upon your home-based business. You may find a flavor or an essence that you had not previously found before…and it may be the key to your success!


 Tammy Harrison is a successful home-based working mom for over five years. She holds a degree from Mizzou in Consumer Economics. Her business focuses on Marketing and Creativity for Small Businesses as well as numerous other small businesses.

Wine Tasting Lessons for Home Business Entrepreneurs
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Wine Tasting Lessons for Home Business Entrepreneurs
Have you ever watched the process a wine expert goes through when tasting wine? There’s a great lesson we home-based entrepreneurs can learn from the process of wine tasting
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