Are You Truly Fit to be an Entrepreneur?

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In just about any sport, toughness is measured both in physical strength and mental abilities. Some of the challenges include endurance, persistence, perseverance, practice, self-confidence … wait, are we talking sports or business?

If you said both, you’re right.

There are plenty of books out there comparing sports to business, but as an entrepreneur, you’re in your own game, and there are some strategic tips you should think about to make sure you are not only “in the game” to win it, but fit for business! Let’s pump some mental iron and address these three areas first:

  1. Ask yourself, “What is my business a solution to?”
  2. Define: Who has the problem?
  3. Then ask, “What is the price of NOT using my product/service?

By asking yourself these questions you’re actually creating a business vision. Not only will this help you define your game plan, but it will help you create a branding for yourself AND your business.
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Bonus tip!

If we go back to the sports analogy, it would be hard to play any game if you didn’t first establish the goal and the steps needed to reach that goal. So, let’s go back to the challenges:


Are you “up” for running a business? Are you taking care of yourself mentally AND physically, strengthening your mind and body?


Are you making sure to control your emotions, recognizing that success generally takes time and determination? Everyone has meltdowns, but do you give yourself a time limit to vent and melt? If you don’t, a good portion of your time and energy can be spent exerting emotional energy instead of channeling that energy into positive action.
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Are you in for the long haul? Do you convey the urgency of using your product or service? Do you relentlessly prioritize, making yourself accountable for each step of the way? Are you relentless in your pursuit of your goal?


Can you define your business in 30 seconds or less? Can you define the value you provide your customer in one sentence? Do you practice positive self-speech to build your confidence? Do YOU believe in YOURSELF?


Do you read every day and keep your mind-muscle in shape? Are you an expert? Is your passion showing? Are YOU sold on your product or service?

Each one of these strategies can be put into play with practice. Let’s face it. Most of us have a daily routine: We get up, we shower, brush our teeth, get dressed for work, eat, and begin our work day. Why not add the strategies above to your daily routine? Factor mental and physical exercise time to your routine; use driving or travel time to work on positive self-talk; practice your elevator speech; remind yourself of why your service or product is important.

It must be. You’re exchanging one day of your life for it, so make each day count.


Chrissie Mould

Chrissie Mould has over a decade of experience in business administration and startup business consulting. She has helped launch companies in multiple industries and has managed corporate administration and governance for public and private companies. She is an incorporation specialist with LLC. The company provides low-cost incorporation services to entrepreneurs and small businesses.

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