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QUESTION ON Starting a Fresh Fruit Store

Have this idea of starting a Fresh Fruit Outlet Chain in East Malaysia whereby we not only sell fresh tropical and imported fruits but also fruit baskets for all occasions. Don’t really know whether this idea will work as I don’t see many businesses of such. Mostly, I see fruits being sold in open markets or within supermarkets. How do I know whether this idea will work and how should I go about starting one?

– Winniw


Advice by Nach Maravilla

Dear Winnie,

If you don’t see any of these ideas being done in your place, why don’t you try and introduce it. If you have a store, look for some nice looking baskets. Put attractive cellophane or colored paper and fill it with the fruits that you wish to sell in a basket. Try to make one or two or three different sizes and maybe different shapes. You may also vary the variety of the fruits you place in them, Then display them. In due time that will attract buyers – definitely. More and more people buy fruit gift baskets for friends and relatives for special occasions.

If you will be doing this out of your home or as an experimental undertaking, you can make some baskets as I mentioned above and take pictures of them. Use these pictures as a brochure. Show them your friends while telling them you can make one for them if they need one. Offer the, special prices. Then spread your business cards. If you can have one with a picture of your fruit basket, so much the better.

Then get the feel of it. If the business pushes through, contact a major fruit dealer in the market and get their support for giving you supplies and special prices too. Maybe you can arrange something like, you will get fruits exclusively from them in exchange for special prices. This way, you don’t have to carry inventory.

Be careful though. Your idea can easily be copied by the fruit vendors themselves.

The idea is that many people don’t give fruits as gifts because they don’t have time to prepare them in nice looking baskets. Take the example of flowers — people send out flowers because they know that these flowers are well arranged when delivered. You can do the same with fruits.

Good luck!

Nach M Maravilla

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Article originally published in April 2006. Updated February 24, 2012

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