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QUESTION ON Starting a Kiosk

I would like to start a business in my local hospital. A kiosk that sells baby blankets, newborn clothing and other specialty gifts for babies/children. Do hospitals allow business owners to rent retail space or is it still all non-profit? How do I start?

– Annette


Advice by Nach Maravilla

Dear Annette,

You have a good business idea. The hospital provides a rich market for your planned products of baby items and gifts. Parents of newborn babies, well-wishers and visitors, and relatives of sick children wanting a practical gift to give would find your kiosk “heaven sent.”

However, hospitals are not a natural commercial venue. Your best course of action is to go and see the Hospital Administration and inquire if they would allow you to open your kiosk in their premises. Some hospitals may totally ban any commercial space on their properties, but some have gift and florist shops within the compound. If the hospital you are interested in already has some commercial store within the vicinity, then you stand a strong chance of getting a deal with them.

Non-profit organizations are not allowed to conduct business for profit. Hence, they may not be allowed to earn from renting their spaces. However, non-profits are allowed to accept donations. One idea is to propose to them a share of your profits as a “donation” should they allow you to operate a kiosk. This will “sweeten the deal” for them — they get additional revenue source from your store.

It is important that you reach the right person to contact. Of course, non-profit organizations have many people involved so it may take you some effort to get to the right person to talk to and present your plan. But it is crucial to reach the decision maker (who is the person likely to approve these kinds of decisions?). Many proposed partnerships and alliances die because the proponent failed to reach the right person. This is the first part of your work, together with presenting a very convincing plan why they should allow you to operate a store in the hospital

Good Luck !

Nach M Maravilla

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Article originally published in September 2005. Updated March 5, 2012

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