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QUESTION on How to Sell Art:

My uncle is a talented but temperamental artist in the area of Classic Chinese water color painting. He does not speak English at all so it’s up to me. I am considering helping him promote his work but have no clue in this area. Currently is there a market for this? Does anyone recognize these? If so, what steps do I have to take to sell his art and get him an exhibition? He is currently teaching his craft at a Chinese community center in Manhattan.

– M. Liang, NY

ANSWER by Yvonne Buchanan

Dear Monica:

It is very kind of you to try to help your uncle, temperamental or otherwise.

One of the best ways to find the market for a given product or service is to look to the organizations and individuals who are offering the product/service. Do a Web search under “Chinese water color” and see what you find. You should find galleries, artists, etc. Find out where they are linked (do a reverse search using Google, “link:[domain name]” This is a good start.

art gallery exhibit

Call art studios and galleries in your area and ask whether an exhibition would be possible. You may want to create a mailer describing your Uncle’s work, and include a sample of his art (a photograph would be fine, or have it printed on your mailer).

When describing your Uncle’s work, include a history of your Uncle; where he has studied, how long he has been a painter, include the fact that he is teaching and where; mention where he has had his work exhibited before.

Connect with your local artist communities for more ideas and avenues.

Best wishes to you, Monica! Let us know how it goes.

Yvonne Buchanan

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