Conversion Rate: 30 Tips on How to Sell Online

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Getting visitors to your website is one thing; turning them into customers is a whole different ballgame. If you are selling on the Web, you need to be able to do both well. You need to be able to attract more visitors and then turn them into customers.

We have seen many small online retailers focusing on how to increase their traffic, dedicating big chunks of their budgets into getting visitors. Unfortunately, once the visitor lands on their website, they do not know what to do to convert them into buyers.

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Turning visitors into buyers, however, is not simple. There are several factors that you need to consider and improve on to entice visitors to spend their hard-earned cash on your website. Here are some of the important factors:

  • Simplicity or ease of use
  • Attitude and accessibility
  • Responsiveness or the quality, speed and helpfulness of your email replies
  • Transparency of your policies including privacy and return policies
  • Selection and presentation of products

Conversion rate is the measure how many browsers become buyers. According to Internet Retailer Magazine, “conversion rates generally average in the 2.5% range, but rates that reach 8% are not uncommon and some sites report conversion rates of 18% and higher.” We think every Internet retailer, big or small businesses alike, should want to be in the high end of that conversion rate range. Imagine the increase in sales your site could generate if your conversion rate increased by a couple of percentage points, more so if it means seeing conversion rates jump from 2% to 18%!

If you want to increase your website’s conversion rate, we provide tips in this series to help you convert more browsers into buyers. These tips are written with the small business Internet entrepreneurs in mind, and avoid strategies that may be working well for the big boys (e.g. in-store pick up of online orders has been a huge conversion driver for multi-channel marketers because it saves customers shipping fees).

This “Conversion Rate: 30 Tips on How to Sell Online” series is divided into the following articles:


Part 2: Conversion Rate: Get the Right Traffic


Recommended Books on Improving Conversion Rate:


Nach Maravilla is the President and CEO of LLC. He has over thirty years experience in sales and marketing of various products, which covered as he jokingly describes, “from toothpicks to airplanes” He also had extensive experience in International trading and he always excelled in special promotional ideas for retail outlets.

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