Blog or Website: Which One Do I Need?

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blog or websiteMany moons ago websites were the only thing that a business or person had to showcase his business or expertise (on the Internet). Now with the advent and explosion of blogs many people have chosen to use blogs over websites. So which do you need: a blog or website?

Depending on your business and what you are trying to achieve most businesses need both.

There are exceptions to every rule, however, using both will give you a big advantage over using one over the other.

Difference Between a Website and Blog

What is the difference between a website and a blog?

There is a big difference between a blog or website, mostly in the communication style.  A website is a carefully thought out and executed store (for lack of a better word). It is like a corporate office or an exclusive piece of property, with a noticeboard communication style. The look and feel of the interfaces are branded to attract your perfect clients and to create an experience for the visitor. The domain name is an important piece of your branding as well and should be an extension of the business.

A blog on the other hand is more of a social networking site. It is a website designed for interactive communication as well as collaborative purposes. It is intended to encourage conversation, in order to get comments and feedback from users. A blog can brand you as the expert in a certain field or gradually help you to become a well known personality. It has constantly changing content and is made to interact with visitors.

It is like inviting someone into your home or to a coffee shop to chat or to tell them about things they find interesting or useful. A blog can have its own domain name but it is of less importance – that it be named a business name.

One other big difference between a website and a blog is their content presentation. Blogs are all about fresh content. As such, the newest content are typically displayed up front and center in reverse chronological order.

Why Not Have Both?

A website and a blog go toward hand in hand. Well built websites selling services and/or products will stay pretty static.

While a blog will back link to your website and provide the communication so vital to keeping in touch with your clients and potential clients, it also helps push up you rankings on the search engines.

A website will provide stable communication – on task messages about your product and/or service as well as various other items such as online portfolio, testimonials, e-commerce store, ability to accept payment through merchant accounts, policy and warranty information etc.

Anyone can set up a blog, sometimes it can be a challenge to make it look professional.

A website takes a lot more time, work and money. This works in your favor if you are trying to portray a successful image (,or you are successful and want them to know that).

I hope this clears up the debating; I see going on in cyberspace – to blog or not to blog:

Should I blog? (YES BLOG)

Is a website the same as a blog? (NO IT IS NOT).

Do I need both? (PROBABLY!)

Recommended Books on Creating a Blog or Website:


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