Benefits of Outsourcing Your Sales and Marketing Teams

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outsourcing your salesSales and business development are the life blood of almost every business. If you aren’t bringing in new clients or creating new revenue streams your business is, for all intents and purposes, stagnant. If you don’t think you are a, “people person,” or would rather spend your time developing new products and services for your company, you could benefit greatly from outsourcing your sales team to a qualified service that specializes in sales, marketing and lead generation.

If you have never managed a sales team before and you are running your own business, now isn’t the time to start. Sales is complex and intricate, you can’t just quote GlenGarry Glen Ross and expect a fledgling sales team to transform into a pack of rock solid closers. When you outsource to an expert sales team, qualified professionals are able to analyze the specific challenges your product or service is encountering during sales calls and meetings and they are able to devise strategies to counter these snags. If you are a small business owner that competes with large companies that offer similar products you may not be able to afford all the resources for a sales team that your competitors have. By outsourcing your sales team to a larger company, your sales team can utilize resources that only larger companies can afford.

Real sales professionals have been doing it for a long time, they know how to counter any excuse for not buying in. They can create a sense of immediacy during their pitch that leaves those who listen dying to fork over their money before it’s too late. To manage and lead a sales team you need to understand sales yourself. If you don’t have the sales skills already, it is in your best interest to partner with an outsourced team. If you try and build your own internal sales force you could put yourself in the red. If you don’t manage your sales team correctly it could be a huge flop that permanently damages your business.

You might think that if you outsource your sales the professionals who are doing the actual selling will be disconnected from your business and will have no stake in the sale itself. This couldn’t be further from the truth. When you outsource your sales, the experts you hire completely immerse themselves in your product and know your services backwards and forwards. Most companies that specialize in outsourced business development and sales operate on a shared revenue model. That means that if the people you hire don’t make sales you aren’t charged for their services. They only make as much money as they deserve, which is a small percentage of the revenue.

By taking the pressure to bring in new clients off of your shoulders and on to an outsourced sales teams’, you are freed up to concentrate on the core aspects of your business that got you to where you are today. Don’t waste your time and destroy your business by diving head first into a tricky and difficult practice area, you should seek out a sales team who has already proved their expertise.


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