How to Get Publicity By Being the Expert in your Niche

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be an expertExperts attract more exposure and customers using PR, social media and publicity.

While many small business owners often find this a difficult thing to do, the media and customers they will attract through influence spiced with confidence is a powerful combination.

Sitting back and waiting to be discovered just doesn’t happen. We like to think that the media or those with influence will showcase our talents and shine the spotlight on us without any work on our part.

Sounds good doesn’t it? Trouble is it’s a dream – and if you wait for the shiny knight to ride up and blow the horn announcing your arrival, you’re … well, we all know where that leads …

Many of us grew up with the biblical phrase ‘ask and you shall receive’ and while I’m a firm believer, in today’s internet-connected world the new mantra is ‘Give And You Shall Receive’.

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With so much information around we have an obligation to help each other.

To share information, to share ideas, to connect, to applaud and to give whenever we can.

By sharing and giving, our mindset to receive is just as open.

Confidence, power and influence are attractive qualities, especially when we have knowledge to share and the means to do it.

I’m often asked, “How Do You Get Noticed By The Media?” and it’s a good question as the media wants news and things that will interest their readers, viewers or listeners.

Here are four principles to build confidence that will propel you as an expert in your niche.

1. Have a Strong and Persistent Desire

This is more important than you imagine. If I could look into your mind and understand the depth of your desire, I would know quickly what progress you will make. If your desire is pale, then what you achieve will also assume that hue. But if you challenge yourself and approach your goal with persistency and the energy of a terrier, nothing will defeat you.

2. Know Your Subject Thoroughly

Read widely, listen to other experts in your field and gather deep knowledge on your topic that sets you apart. Continual learning is the key to being an expert in your field.

The self-confidence and ability to speak more convincingly will increase your personal influence and develop your leadership ability.

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Develop a set of three key messages based on your deep knowledge that you can speak about easily to colleagues, friends, newly met people – and ultimately the media. Learn them off-by-heart, practise their delivery daily until they come naturally.

3. Learn to Speak in Public

Set aside one night of the week to develop this skill. Whether you choose to attend a professional association or read books on the subject, the act of focusing on this area will improve your awareness of people who influence you and the subtle things you can incorporate into your personal communication. I suggest googling ‘Ted videos’ and watching the delivery styles of people speaking with confidence and power in their chosen field as a starting point.

The satisfaction of communicating your ideas compellingly along with the sense of strength and power you achieve is worth the effort.

4. Act Confidently

We can influence our outward appearance of confidence by understanding one primary concept: We Can Control How We Act. Assuming the role of confidence with good posture and direct eye contact will translate into a stronger feeling of confidence, which in turn allows us to think of ourselves as confident. By controlling one of these three (thoughts, feelings or actions) first, you will shift your internal perspective and portray a more confident you.

These four steps may sound simple or make you feel self-conscious, but mastery of personal influence will not only help attract customers and media attention, it will position you as an expert with credibility and power.
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 Yvonne Buchanan is a 20-year veteran of public relations, marketing and advertising. She teaches public relations courses online for career changers, freelancers and students through The PR Academy and is co-founder of Real-World PR , a public relations information provider for small businesses. Real-World PR offers public relations toolkits (manual/CD combinations) that allow small business owners to create and maintain their own public relations programs.

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