How to Establish Yourself as an Expert or Specialist in Your Field

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The Internet is full of them. Your community is full of them. As a matter of fact, if you are reading this article, you are possibly one of them. Who are they? They are classified as new and upcoming entrepreneurs seeking to establish their own niche as a professional in the business community.

how to establish yourself as an expert

Developing and implementing an effective business plan is only the beginning of what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur. While many entrepreneurs believe it is the most difficult part of the overall process, I would beg to differ with them. Only through effective marketing, advertising, and networking – and let’s not forget outstanding customer service and performance – do we establish our existence in the business community. Again, establishing an existence is only another step on the ladder to success. We must continue the upward climb as we establish our niche.

How to Establish Yourself as an Expert

How one reaches this status depends on how dedicated and serious he/she is about getting there and how high he/she is willing to climb. The following guidelines will assist you as you seek in establishing yourself as a professional and specialist in your own particular field of expertise.

Never pass up an opportunity to tell others what you do. Keep a supply of business cards on hand so that you can distribute one to everyone you come in contact with. Be prepared to introduce yourself and talk about what you do. Read the article “Networking Tips: How to Introduce Yourself.”

Seek out opportunities to either write or speak about what you do. Don’t be shy. Make a few phone calls and offer to speak before groups of individuals who could benefit from your services. Write articles that would offer you as an expert in your field and submit them to publications that may be interested in printing them. Read the article How to Become a Recognized Expert

Become a catalyst among your peers in the development and implementation of new concepts and ideas in your particular field. Read the article Become a Thought Leader

Start your own newsletter or publication related to your career field.  Better yet, write a book and become an established author.

Volunteer to hold workshops via the Internet where others will be attracted to participate in and look to you as an expert. Google+ has a feature called Google Hangouts that make it easy to do online meetings, discussions and workshops. Read the article “How to Use Workshops, Seminars and Events to Grow Your Business.”

Take part in social media. Go to Internet discussion groups and forums wherein you have an opportunity to express your professional opinions, views, and expertise. Read the article “Social Media Marketing and Web 2.0 Advertising”

Post articles and informative material on your own web site. Write a blog where you talk about the topics important to you. Read the article “Starting a Website: Build a Broad Authority or Niche Site?”

Network, network and network. Look for ways to serve within your local community where you will come in contact with a wealth of business people who could use your services. Associate yourself with individuals who have influence and power to assist you in getting where you want to go. Read the article ““How to Use Networking for Your Business.”

Establishing your niche in the business community is yet merely another rung on the ladder of success. It is often said that true entrepreneurs never reach their destinations, but are on a continuous journey, always reaching for higher goals. Finding your niche is certainly a milestone in the journey but does not have to be the end of the ladder.

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