12 Tips on Marketing and Advertising Your Products and Services

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Below is a list of condensed, yet comprehensive tips on marketing your products and services, particularly when using advertising strategies.

1. The Power of Words.

  • One and Two Word Headlines are real Attention Grabbers! Remember that your HEADLINE is the most important part of your ad.
  • Use Power Words
  • What, Where, Why, Who or How – One of the quickest ways to grab attention, is to pose a question to your readers they can’t help but answering.
  • Use Facts – Although “Power” words are great eye catchers and help the flow of your copy, nothing beats providing facts and product details. Try “Dramatizing” your facts or use “Human Interest” Facts.
  • Use Adjectives and Adverbs. If you are a writer or have ever studied writing, I’m sure that your instructors burned into your mind, the fact that you need to minimize the use of adjectives and adverbs. Well, I’m here to tell you that they are wrong…well at least in the copywriting arena that is.
  • Write, re-write and re-write and re-write and re- write again…

2. Testimonials

  • Show you prospect how your product has helped others.
  • One Testimonial is Worth a Thousand Words.

3. Make it convenient to do business with you:

No Obligation Inquiries – Many consumers are wary of being harassed by salespeople. Put their mind at ease. Let them know that they won’t have to fight off salesperson after salesperson. Customer Service – Many consumers prefer the icing to the cake. They want to be catered to no matter what the cost. If you can offer great service with low cost, you may have the winner you’re looking for.

4. Know your target market and what they really want:

  • Test the product market before I picked my product. It’s down right amazing how many companies decide on the product they know if there is actually a market for it..
  • Specific Targeting – Keep your advertising focused. The wider your scope, the easier it gets to lose your reader. Write copy that coincides with current attitudes in your target group.
  • Use Laser-Like Alignment – The most successful copywriters know that they must keep their copywriting aligned with the market niche.

5. What to say….What to say:

  • Tell Them What You Do, not how you do it! What they really want to know about is the end result.
  • Tell Them What They Know – Another way to get your reader interested is to state a negative fact that your reader already knows, and offer a solution.
  • Find the Good in Everything – Rather than try to hide negative sides to your product, try making them known with a positive twist.

6. How can I get them to buy?

  • Use “special” benefits to make your product more attractive.
  • Offer Insider Information – People like to think they are getting something Exclusive or Special.
  • Use “Reward” and “Introduction” techniques. “Because you are a valued customer” or “Introducing” a new product.
  • Give a good reason for your price – Whether your price is higher or lower, explain why. Help the reader justify the purchase.
  • Overcome any objections the buyer may have. You must be able to convince even the most hardened skeptics.

7. How can I get them to buy NOW?

  • Use Time Frames – Whenever it is possible initiate a time frame. One of the best motivators in ad copy is the time frame or better put the “Time Limit”.
  • Fear makes a great motivator. Fear of missing a great deal or fear of what can happen without your product.
  • Motivate you reader to buy NOW. Make your product so attractive that your reader has no choice but to buy.
  • Make Your Offer Irresistible – All good copywriters will tell you, the secret to great copy is to make it impossible to say “No”!

8. How Can I Relate Better to the Reader?

  • Ad copy must relate and communicate like average people.
  • Be Personal – Address you reader in the first person. In many situations the “human touch” is a great benefit as well.
  • Be Sincere – People can spot phonies and phony copy just as easy.
  • Flattery Will Get You Everywhere – Vanity will serve its purpose, as long as you don’t overdo it.
  • Speak to the Reader, not at the Reader
  • Appeal to the reader’s emotions and instincts.
  • Capture and keep the reader’s interest.
  • Appeal to the reader’s ego and self-interest.
  • Make your reader believe in you.
  • Research – Know your product and know your audience!

9. Prove It!

  • Show the facts and proof of your claims.
  • Showcase Your Guarantee – With the overwhelming abundance of Internet and Mail Fraud plaguing us, people need a guarantee. Put your prospect at ease. Clearly emphasize guarantees, no obligation inquiries and customer service. The bigger and longer, the better.

10. Ok, they bought, now what?

Don’t make the mistake of relying on one product or product line. You sales and marketing approach should be able to easily lead into back-end offers.

11. Well, my ad has been running a while now…

  • If it’s not broken….Don’t Fix It! That’s not to say that you shouldn’t test new marketing ideas, but never drop a winner.
  • Emulate other successful (but not over used) ad copy structures.

12. Are you Dedicated?

  • Work, Patience and Sacrifice. Lets face it, if it were easy, everybody would succeed. To succeed you must dedicate yourself to doing what needs done not working on the clock. You must have the patience and persistence to tough out the hard times, and oh yes, there are hard times. Be prepared to sacrifice your time and too often your social and personal life in the pursuit of success. Nobody said it was an easy road to follow, and if they did…..They were lying!
  • Get Things Done. Efficiency is getting the job done right, Effectiveness is getting the right job done.
  • Follow Opportunity Instead of Savoring Security. Real worth and wealth is generated from within you. It comes from being prepared, knowing how to spot, act upon and capitalize from opportunities.


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12 Tips on Marketing and Advertising Your Products and Services
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12 Tips on Marketing and Advertising Your Products and Services
Read this list of condensed, yet comprehensive tips on marketing your products and services, particularly when using advertising strategies.
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