7 Keys to Getting More Clients than You Can Handle

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Clients often ask me how I built a six figure income working as an independent professional in less than 10 months. I narrowed it down to 7 simple steps. Seven simple internal and intuitive attitude shifts and the exact action items that will kick your business up a notch.

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These effective and powerful steps to get more clients won’t come as any mystery to you, but if you take them to heart, they will absolutely and emphatically build your business naturally and authentically.

My advice to you (from someone who has struggled and been exactly where you are now) is to love, embrace and believe in yourself. Because I know how easy and realistic it is for you to become a successful solo professional.

Combine these simple insights with the gifts you have within yourself to create an abundant, joyful and prosperous business and life.

Seven Keys to Booking Yourself Solid

Key 1: Focus On Solutions no matter what you say, think or do.

Take the attention off of yourself, your business and your services. Every second of every day stay focused on clear, specific and detailed solutions, benefits and advantages that appeal to your prospects.

Clearly define the root of your prospects problems and needs. Then only focus on those solutions. There does seem to be some universal confusion on the definition of a solution these days or a slip of the mind, perhaps? Solutions are not technical, scientific, mechanical or procedural. They are simple ideas profound, deep and impactful.

If someone wants to lose weight, solutions are not * Dietary guidelines * Exercises * Nutritional supplements

The core need of losing weight is much deeper. They really want to * Feel more self confident * Feel incredibly attractive * Attract their perfect mate

Now you re talking their language. The more benefits you uncover, the quicker you will start to attract new clients. People buy good feelings, news ways of thinking and solutions to their problems.

Key 2: Seek Out Ideal Clients for maximum joy, prosperity and abundance.

Think about the human you are when you are performing optimally at your peak when you are with all the people who inspire and energize you.

Make a long list of the characteristics these people have because they are your ideal clients. (p.s. clients and friends are interchangeable expressions)

I used to work with anyone who had a pulse and a checkbook. Living the red velvet rope policy of ideal clients increases my productivity happiness and more clients than I can handle are being referred to me. I know it s hard to believe, but it s true! Clients are like family to me. Don t get me wrong, I lived through a period of intense and painful negative energy worrying about those challenging client relationships. It exhausted me and took me away from accomplishing the highest good for my clients. It was impossible for me to be productive, effective or successful in this environment.

Now with your list of inspiring people, I give you permission to release any dead wood in your calendar. If it feels scary, trust the next five steps to energetically fill those spaces.

Key 3: Embrace Your Authentic Self and toss out the “societally” accepted version of you.

Yes! I’m serious. No one likes the IBM stiff blue suit that follows every rule. We re attracted to that perky, authentic confident soul who says it like it is and filters nothing!

Think about how radiant and attractive you are when you are with your best friends. You are spontaneous, free and genuine because of the trust within these close relationships.

Our real liberated, confident empowered self is the true self that only a select few inner circle friends are exposed to. Let me tell you if you let your quirky, silly side shine you ll experience far greater self-assurance and an immediate client attraction. Sound easy? It is! Works every time like a charm. Test it for yourself.

Key 4: Branding is not just for Superbowl advertisers.

If you haven’t identified your natural skill, talent, interest or expertise or if you re not clearly and consistently expressing and defining yourself chances are your clients can t either.

Most people are afraid of niches or specificity because they think it may limit their success or potential. That couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Ambiguity and uncertainty translates into insecurity. Personal branding is uniquely you. Own it love it express it! (oh, and by the way once you’ve mastered your niche then you get to expand and do anything else you want!)

Key 5: Articulating What You Do is the key that connects your vibrant, branded and authentic self to the world.

Most people are afraid to express themselves in a clear and powerful way.

Speak boldly, clearly and with purpose. This is the fastest way to eliminate suspicion, guesswork or speculation. Prospects want to know the exact benefits they will experience and action they should take. Articulate this you ll have paved the way for a yes .

Remember you won t appeal to everyone. And, that s the beautiful thing!!! What you will do is powerfully impact your ideal clients in a compelling way every time you clearly communicate the vibrant you.

Key 6: The Simple Selling Process is a cinch once you embrace Key 1 (solutions baby!). If you remember this, you’ll never have to sell again.

When you think in terms of solutions and problems solved, clients will beg to work with you. You are a consultant a lifelong advisor. When you have fundamental solutions to help others it s your moral imperative to show and tell as many people as possible. You are changing lives!

Inquire * What is your goal? Show * What the benefits will be when they reach their goal Ask * Would you like a partner to help you with that?

Gain a commitment. Ask yourself, would this person s life be fuller, happier and better-off with me in it? Now, let your light shine and give an action plan.

Key 7: Self Promotion is Easy And Fun

The internet and modern technology is a beautiful thing, but too many people get caught up in their web site . Don t waste one more second on any marketing that is ineffective, inefficient or that you just can t measure.

Master the tried and true techniques that will book you instantly, Network, mastermind and get synergistic relationships working for you. There’s nothing less effective than a solo pro and a single mind. Collaborate for the benefit of all!

If this seems to vague, open the phone book, look up professionals with similar clients and prospective audiences, make one phone call today and introduce yourself and the benefits of your services. Now make one five minute phone call every day. If you re not comfortable calling a stranger, talk to every friend, family member and colleague you know and ask for names of professionals in the fields you are seeking. Soon you ll have a growing list of warm names to call.

The second easiest way to book yourself solid is to use client referrals. First, ask every client how happy they are with your services. If the answer is positive, then ask who else they know in a similar situation that could benefit from… (list those benefits!). If they aren t satisfied, you just bought yourself a second chance. Consider yourself lucky.

Time prevailing there are so many more ways to Book Yourself Solid, we could go on for weeks and weeks on end. My recommendation, start with the basics here and write me at Michael@michaelport.com with additional questions, concerns, clarifications, epiphanies or revelations you have.

Remember you have the ultimate solutions to build an abundant business. Express the brilliance of you and let out the silly one too. Anything less is criminal.

So let’s get down to it and book yourself solid!

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Michael Port is the President of Michael Port & Associates LLC and is known as the guy to call when you re tired of thinking small. To spend some more time with Michael and to think bigger about who you are and what you offer the world go to www.MichaelPort.com . Article originally published on August 10, 2004
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