Brand Building Strategies for Small Businesses

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branding strategiesEstablishing a good brand can solidify your company in your niche market. It establishes you and your company as a name that can be relied upon.

What is a Brand?

When you behold the swoosh logo design, what does it make you visualize? And how about Coca-Cola? You know the tagline, don’t you ? And if we say “You’re in good hands with -” you can quite possibly finish the sentence.

All of these show how a noteworthy brand has swayed not only culture but also our concept of what these specific products should be. For instance, when it comes to photo copies, people use the term “Xeroxed.” The truth is, Xerox is a trade name that has become associated with the act of copying. When you need to blow your nose, you sometimes ask for a Kleenex, yet Kleenex is also just a trademark name for tissue paper. How is that for brand success?

Building Your Brand

Who’s to say that you will not become as massive as Xerox one day? For any business, you begin in the same place– creating your brand.

Here are 6 brand building strategies to help you boost brand success.

1) Be True

It is very important to be legitimate with your clients. Any person can create a “smoke and mirrors” marketing campaign. You can promise the world and some will place confidence in you. Nevertheless, when you don’t deliver, your integrity is shot. One way to be genuine is to put a face on your company. Provide your photograph. Talk plainly and in uncomplicated terms with your customers.

2) Adhere To Your Promises

If you promise something, make good on it. The issue with many companies is mediocre customer service. If you promise to deliver a confirmation e-mail after a purchase or an answer to an info request, then do so in the time promised.

3) Sell Your Goods

Inspire customers to invest in your products by giving them a reason to use your product or service. Talk about how their life will benefit from having your product in it. Help the customer make an emotional connection to your product. Don’t be scared to sell your product. If it is a valuable product and will help people in your niche market, you have to inform them about it.

4) Market and Promotion

Promote your product in as many places as is feasible. When new products come out, do a news release. Promote it on your social networking sites. Do this with both your weblog and your website. Create YouTube videos and podcasts about your products to build up the chitchat. Don’t forget offline promotion as well.

5) Brand Solidity

Be consistent with your brand. Whatever you decide that your brand will represent, be true to that. Use people and ideas that are in line with your brand to help label it for your audience. You must start your brand building strategies at the beginning, and what it is you are going to be known for. With this sound foundation ready you simply continue to build on top of it.

6) Target Marketing

Target your customers. Now that you discover your brand, you have to connect with the prospects who “want” what you provide. Use keywords to draw your customers to you. Generate a list of potential key phrases that resonate with your brand, market and promote according to those key phrases, then compile a list of prospects from those promotions and remain in contact with them.

What does your product or service exemplify? Take some time and create your brand. Soon after, offer excellent products that speak to your customers. If you do this regularly you will come to find that with proper brand building strategies in place, your products and services will sell themselves.

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