12 Ways to Become a Great Employee

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12 Ways to Become a Great Employee

In whatever we do in life, we should always try to do our best. This holds true in the workplace. If you’re not the owner of a business and are working for someone else, it’s important that you understand that you bring value to the table. Whether you sit in an office with co-workers or in the comfort of your home, doing your very utmost should be your first priority.

We all want to be appreciated for what we do and especially in the workplace, reaching our goals and bringing in the top performance are the primary motivating factors in feeling good about yourself. But you are not the only player in the game.

Without a fair amount of praise and appreciation by your boss or from the other team players, you will probably soon find yourself scanning the want ads for a different place of employment.

Employer approval and admiration is not something that can be taken lightly and it must be earned. This isn’t always easy as there are many obstacles that must be overcome. With the right tools and creative gumption, however, there are plenty of ways to encourage great employees and there should be nothing standing in your way of success.

So how are you going to become a great employee?

1. Work hard.

This may sound obvious but it isn’t always taken seriously. Working hard means not only putting in your hours and then some. It means understanding the importance of a job well done.

2. Be industrious.

Show that you are ready to take on additional responsibilities. Going beyond what is expected of you presents an image to your employer that he can turn to you when he needs some extra work done. Exhibit good leadership qualities.

3. Communicate with your boss.

Forge a close relationship by asking questions, offering to help and letting him know if you are encountering a problem and need his help. Managers appreciate employee input and are eager to learn about what is going on in his organization.

4. Be sociable and have a positive attitude.

Get to know the other members of the office team. Join them for a drink or dinner after work. Be a team player.

5. Be creative.

Come up with new ideas for increased productivity. Offer ideas for fostering a healthy atmosphere in the office.

6. Be helpful.

Lend a helping hand to another member of the team. Be there to offer emotional support when needed.

7. Be proactive.

Demonstrate that you are a quick learner and can grasp new concepts and ideas with a minimum of explanation.

8. Be ethical and honest.

Follow the rules and try to do the right thing. Ask for feedback from your co-workers and your employer and if it is negative, learn from it.

9. Smile even when you are hurting or upset.

Act like you are happy with what you are doing and that you enjoy being at work. Show team spirit.

10. Don’t get involved in office politics and stay away from silly gossip.

It won’t get you anywhere and will only create friction in the workplace.

11. Be organized.

Take on several tasks at once and complete them all in good time. Demonstrate your ability to multi-task.

12. Be reliable.

Every leader wants to trust that you will be there when needed. Be timely and don’t procrastinate.

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