How to Make Time to Meet Your Goals

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The comment I hear most frequently from business people is that they feel overwhelmed with work, and are often playing the game of “catch up.” But there is a way for getting it all done without being overwhelmed.

You are probably thinking, “but you don’t understand – all the phone calls, on the spot decisions, immediate tasks.” But I do understand. These are the realities of business. However, a little preplanning and goal setting can ease the daily pressures and find you additional time each day – as much as an hour – and relieve a whole lot of stress. It boils down to you being more in control of how your day goes, and not being controlled by the situations that hit you.

Scheduling your time is the first step.

The question is then, how do you plan your time to accomplish goals when you are under the gun with crises, deadlines and interruptions? Start with a daily “to do” list, which helps identify uncompleted tasks. Next, prioritize those tasks by determining what is important, what is urgent, and what is just busy work. We sometimes are so caught up in urgent matters, which may not necessarily be the most important, that we fail to schedule time to undertake the important tasks that will lead us to our goals.

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Allot time each day to address those tasks necessary to meet your goals.

Allow blocks of quiet time each day, at least one hour, to work these tasks, and to plan. Find the most creative and productive time for you and use this time wisely. Let phone calls go to voice mail to be returned later. This time is an appointment you make with yourself, and treat as any other business commitment. This gives you the sense of being in control of where you are going, and that you are taking the positive steps to get there. Through this process, you will notice that crises are reduced and often avoided because you are able to anticipate problems in advance and find ways to address them. If circumstances arise that infringe on your quiet time, and surely at some time they will, reschedule for later in the day. You will soon realize the importance of having this quiet time.

Take 10 minutes at the end of each day to plan for tomorrow.

Identify and prioritize tasks on a daily “to do” list. However, be careful not to commit every minute, but allow flexibility for the unexpected and urgent events that surely will occur, and it also allows you to reschedule your quiet time if necessary.

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