How to Gain Serenity and Peace Within

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After you have established what it is you wish to achieve for the day, the week, your life; anything that hinders you in your pursuit you can live without. Don’t stay back waiting for the world to come to you, as it won’t! Here are 10 steps to help you gain peace and serenity within yourselves.

peace and serenity

1. Look for “Abundance” in Everything

When looking at things in “abundance” you will begin to see opportunity where beforehand none existed. When you spring out into the day as opposed to “doing it under sufferance” you will begin to see the same things; but in a different light. Things won’t be so black and white; shades of gray (and other colors too) will start to show themselves. With this a feeling of excitement will enter your life.

2. Plan and Organize

Taking a little time either at the end of the day or at the very beginning to write down what it is you wish to achieve during the day will allow you to prioritize yourself and attain those things that are important to you. How often have we all said “I didn’t get around to it” only to feel empty and frustrated with ourselves? Too often probably.

The solution to anything lies in the gentle planning and organizing of your resources. Do this well and you will begin feeling a peace inside that before was way too distant.

3. Be Optimistic, Become an Optimist, and Optimize Each Situation

An optimist doesn’t just “look on the bright side of life”. An optimist can actually turn obstacles in resources. They can laugh problems off. They are some of the worlds most respected people. They are virtually untouchable (as everything they do will always work out).

Okay so an optimist isn’t a god but has an attitude that screams “I want to take control”. Negativism and its associate; pessimism are easy alternatives but I personally know of no pessimists who are happy with their situation (funny that!!!).

***Lighten Up***Optimism Is Contagious***

The benefits of optimism and a sense of humor cannot be overestimated. When you distance yourself from any problem that arises by laughing it off you will be amazed at how quickly you can jump back on that horse and re-commence riding as if you had never even fallen off.

Pessimism and its by-product, stress will only cloud your judgment and interfere with objectivity. On the other hand, a well-developed sense of humor prevents you taking things out of proportion and enables you to handle any situation with ever increasing confidence.

Do you, as a person lead others optimistically into change or do you somehow lead them into resistance? Remember we are looking for absolute serenity in your surroundings. Take a couple of happy pills each morning and train your mind not to take you too seriously.

4. Widen Your Horizons — Read Well!!!

As a natural by-product of step two you will now have a little more time on your hands to achieve those things that you never really got around to doing beforehand.

Now that you’ve tapped into the new world of Internet commerce you will need to keep abreast of developments and expand your knowledge therein. There are many e-zines out there that will assist you in your fields of interest/business.

Don’t expend too much time by reading more novels than other literature that will assist you in your e-commerce endeavors. You can incorporate everything with careful planning and organizing (refer to step two).

What you read does not necessarily have to be from the Internet but it imperative that you respect the source from which you locate this literature.

5. Assist Somebody Each Day

How often do you see somebody in the street with a map checking out street signs and going nowhere fast? Maybe not each day but you will generally see this happening a little more here in Europe than in the USA due to language differences.

Nothing gives me more satisfaction than to approach a perfect stranger and assist them to find their destination. What do we gain by doing this? If you are able to find it within yourself to help someone out (of whom you don’t even know), almost to the point that you will even “Make Their Day”; just imagine how much you could do for someone you know substantially better i.e. YOU.

6. Achieve a Step Forward Toward Your Goals!!!

Since you are now organized (see step two) your targets, goals, aims, desires (use a name that suits you best) you will want to get on with putting as many crosses beside these tasks as you can manage.

If you worked for an advertising agency in London you may have a target of 100 cold calls each day to achieve ten full sales pitches which will give you one full sale and £150 ($250USD) revenue each day. Now this sounds great but means absolutely nothing if you only do half of it and don’t close a sale.

To achieve peace within yourself you are going to need to be disciplined until it becomes habit as only then can you cross this target off as completed. Believe me, as you do this more and more it becomes substantially easier. When it does; lift your standards and aim for a higher target. So, to use the above example you may aim for the same number of telephone calls but twenty sales pitches and get three sales from it. In our example this is £450 ($750US) per day.

Sure, at the beginning it is a bit of an effort but as you remain focused you will begin to work smarter and you will feel the results inside. That is what counts. Place a couple of crosses on your list today.

7. Exercise Regularly: 30 Minutes Each Day (or more if you wish)

It’s all well and good to put as much work and effort into the mind training yourself along successful ways but there is the importance of maintaining the body to be physically healthy. The less our heart has to beat during rest generally speaking the healthier we are (not entirely correct but accurate for this illustration).

When we exercise our heart beat rises as it pumps oxygen and other goodies through our system. If you eat regularly (and reasonably healthy) and do a little jogging or swimming or tennis or anything lightly you will be giving your body the little bit of assistance it requires to continually serve you until the end of your days. Of course you will need to plan this into your schedule as it is highly unlikely you will commence a sporting activity and maintain it without putting enough time aside for it beforehand (refer to step no.2). Do this regularly until it becomes habit.

You will gain both physical energy and mental stimulation from this.

8. Relax Well!

When you take time out for heavens sake make sure that you do. Through my marketing years I have seen so many people take work with them on holidays, files home from the office. Sure that’s all well and good to get the job done but you need a healthy body, physique and mental make-up to continue this. In order to continue you will have to take time out.

Many of you probably own a mobile telephone or a laptop. After a handful of hours away from a power source it throws in the towel and refuses to work unless you re-connect to the power source i.e. recharge. The human body is no different. Sure you can work 80 hours a week without a break and convince yourself that you are getting used to it. At the end of the day your
effectiveness and efficiency has probably dwindled away to a standard you aren’t happy with.

Take a break. Leave the phone, the laptop and kids behind (well maybe not the kids but you take my point). You’ll feel so much better for it and more often than not through your own sub-consciousness you will have solved many of those things that were problems before your break.

9. Maintain an Open Mind: Unlock any Prejudices You Have

A prejudice is a judgment or opinion that you may have against something (or someone) really before all is known.

Prejudices severely limit our ability to respond to change. Prejudice asphyxiates creativity and stifles innovation. Do you remember the television series between the “Hatfields” and the “McCoys”. They hated each other simply because of their family name. There was no way they could achieve anything together while they were feuding so brutally.

A prejudice could be as simple as not buying Cuban sugar or Japanese motor vehicles because of some silly embargo or maybe your family had reason to dislike them in the past. It is so counter-productive!

With an open mind we can actively seek out our fears and prejudices by diversifying our habits; reading books and magazines about subjects you have never read or even contemplated before. Seek out new friends and acquaintances of different cultures, ages, and values and learn from them.

Believe me I am now living in my fourth country in this beautiful world and can honestly say that it gets better each time as I diversify my interests more and more each time.

10. Eliminate the Negatives from Your Life

Watch and read less news. Can you remember the last time you sat through a full episode of the National News and didn’t get plastered with either/or a combination of; economic disasters, political upheaval, war in some part of the world, natural disasters etc etc etc? I’d say (at least in my lifetime) never!

Although we like to keep up on what’s happening in our ever changing world we simply don’t need the stress.

We choose what information we wish to absorb and it will naturally have an influence on how we do things. On the same token if some of your family and friends are becoming negative for heavens sake (and yours) switch off or change the subject.

After you have established what it is you wish to achieve for the day, the week, your life – whatever; anything that hinders you in your pursuit you can live without. Don’t stay back waiting for the world to come to you, as it won’t!

“There are many things in life that will catch your eye but only a few things will catch your heart. Pursue those”

The author of this quote is unknown to me but inspires me daily!!!

Think Successfully.

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