Five C’s for Building Peak Performance

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Have you ever wondered why your best efforts often bring results that you had no conscious intention of producing? Do you ever marvel at the self-destructive patterns of other people and wonder why?

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The book “The Ant and the Elephant: Leadership For the Self” is the result of author Vince Poscente’s exploration of the strategies that enable leaders, managers and employees reach their true potential. Written as a quick read using an entertaining allegory between an ant and the elephant, the book contains strategic tools that you can use to create peak performers personally and personally. Below are the 5 C’s needed to build peak performance:

1. Clarify your vision.

Make fear your friend, not your master. You don’t know what you don’t know. Open your mind to discover possibilities that may not be obvious at the time. Zero in on a goal that has depth of meaning. The journey has to be worth taking.

2. Commit to cultivating positive dominant thoughts.

Shift beliefs, attitudes and truths so they are in alignment with your vision. Envision having the goal, rather than merely wanting the goal.

3. Consistently focus on performance.

Experience the goal as though it were happening right now. Show your gratitude consistently.

4. Strengthen confidence.

Frustration will lead to negative thoughts. Negative thoughts add fuel to more negativity. This negativity can be a pattern that destroys confidence. No two thoughts can occupy the mind at the same time. Replace negativity with positive, confident thoughts.

5. Control the response to any situation.

Unforeseen circumstances will arise. Expect the unexpected. Anticipate your response to challenges as well as your team’s.



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