Are You Prepared For Retirement?

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After nearly 40 years of work, I decided to retire two months ago. After a few weeks, I realized that there is just so much golf and sleeping a man (or woman) can handle. I also must support my daughter’s last year in law school; not to mention that my first grandson was born in April.

The need to keep busy, stimulate my mind and generate money above and beyond my retirement annuities and social security payments sent me on a quest to find a business where I could:

  • Generate an income worth my time and effort
  • Work no more than 20 hours per week at any time from any place
  • Self-manage (no boss or employees necessary)
  • Travel to exotic places on a discretionary basis
  • Meet ineresting new people

After doing some research I ran across MOBE, an online business education company that met my requirements. If you are seeking an opportunity to make extra cash and you find the above requirements attractive, click or copy & paste the below hyperlink to your browser. Although the hyperlink is geared to retirees and those nearing retirement it is also relevant to those:

  • saving for their children’s college education;
  • who want to drop out of the corporate race; and,
  • with an entrepreneurial spirit.

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