Books on How to Start a Self-Publishing Business

Thinking of starting a self-publishing business? Here are articles to help you get started:

For detailed guidance, tips and advice on how to start and run a self-publishing business, check out the following books we have selected below:

Money Self-Publishing : Learn How from Fourteen Successful Small Publishers

Many fine books exist that explain to authors how to self-publish. Make Money Self-Publishing shows them how to make money doing it. Readers are introduced to the publishing world and its jargon in Chapter One, Self-Publishing 101. Then the following chapters introduce readers to a variety of small publishers. They range in age, marital status, physical location, subject matter, and favorite marketing approaches, but they are all profitable.



Self-Publishing Books 101: A Step-by-Step Guide to Publishing Your Book in Multiple Formats (Author 101 Series) (Volume 1)

Self-publishing books has never been easier. With print on demand and eBook technology available to us, it has made the process of self-publishing available to anyone and everyone. And there does not have to be huge upfront costs either.

However, there are certain steps to self-publishing that you need to know. Bottom line: You want to get published. You want to control the future of your manuscript and your writing career.


Published!: Marcia Wieder and Top Authors Share Treasured Resources and Success Secrets

PUBLISHED! magazine features treasured resources, success secrets, and the defining moments that have shaped the lives of the world’s top authors and publishing professionals. Features: Marcia Wieder, Mark Matousek Interviewed by Christine Kloser, Andreas Buergi PhD, David Title Interviewed by Jennifer S. Wilkov, Maribai Bush Interviewed by Dr. Cathy L. Greenberg, Raymond Perras, Michael Bernard Beckwith Interviewed by Debbi Dachinger, TR Garland, Marjorie Miles, DCH, MFT, John Kremer, Andrea J. Lee, Ellen Violette, Kathleen Gage, and Kricket Cody Harrison Interviewed by Louise Crooks.


The Naked Truth About Self-Publishing

Everything you wanted to know about self-publishing. Ten New York Times Bestselling authors share their knowledge, their experiences, and their souls.





The Economical Guide To Self-Publishing: How to Produce and Market Your Book on a Budget

Unpublished and published authors alike learn valuable trade secrets to successfully self-publish and market books from the updated second edition of The Economical Guide to Self-Publishing written by 26-year veteran publisher, Linda F. Radke, owner of Five Star Publications, Inc., a producer of award-winning fiction and nonfiction manuscripts for adults and children. Authors that follow Radke’s expert advice will get their work to readers faster, while maintaining creative control and making more money!


The Fine Print of Self-Publishing, Fifth Edition: A Primer on Contracts, Printing Costs, Royalties, Distribution, E-Books, and Marketing

The Fine Print of Self-Publishing, now in its fifth edition, has been lauded by industry professionals as the go-to book for authors considering self-publishing. The Fine Print has helped thousands of authors understand self-publishing companies’ services, contract terms, printing markups, and royalty calculations. This latest edition includes new chapters on e-book publishing and book marketing, as well as updated head-to-head comparisons of major self-publishing service providers, including free book-publishing companies to consider and self-publishing companies to avoid.


2015 Guide to Self-Publishing, Revised Edition: The Most Comprehensive Guide to Self-Publishing

The 2015 Guide to Self-Publishing is the essential resource for writers who are taking their publishing futures into their own hands, whether it’s referred to as self-publishing or indie publishing.

In addition to hundreds of listings for freelance editors, designers, self-publishing companies, and more–the Guide to Self-Publishing offers articles on how to create standout covers, hire freelance designers, break in to the gift market, protect your work, promote your work, and more.

You also gain access to:

  • Lists of conferences, organizations, and book fairs and festivals
  • A pay-rate chart to help negotiate fair terms with any freelancers you might useI
  • nterviews with successful indie authors, including Hugh Howey, Bob Mayer, Delilah Marvelle, and more
  • Includes access to a one-hour webinar, “How to Format E-books With Microsoft Word,” indie author Jason Matthews helps writers master e-book formatting. This webinar covers each section of your book’s needs, from the title and table of contents to inserting images and hyperlinks. In just over an hour, you’ll be able to professionally format your e-book and give readers something they’ll enjoy.

A Detailed Guide to Self-Publishing with Amazon and Other Online Booksellers: How to Print-on-Demand with CreateSpace & Make eBooks for Kindle & Other eReaders

This is a highly detailed guide with several step-by-step instructions for how to format and publish your book both as a paperback book with Amazon (and other major online booksellers) and as an eBook with Kindle (and a variety of other eReaders)




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