Books on How to Start a Gift Basket Business

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Start & Run a Gift Basket Business

Work from home or seasonally — and profit Develop effective marketing tools Learn the step-by-step basics of running your own business With little more than some working space and a few basket-making items, an ambitious and creative person can cash in on the gift basket boom.




Start Your Own Gift Basket Business and More: Special Events, Holiday, Real Estate, Corporate (StartUp Series)

A booming market, gift baskets are the most convenient yet thoughtful way for busy corporations to thank clients, for on-the-go families to send holiday wishes, or for real estate agents welcoming new homeowners —the occasions are endless.





Start Your Gift Basket Business

Before giving you a preview of the guide, let us tell you a little about ourselves and our association with the gift basket industry.
We are a group of professionals that has been offering lucrative online gift basket business opportunities to individuals for over a decade. With over 14 years of experience in this multi-billion dollar industry, we felt that we were not advantageous to as many people as we wanted – something that is, as we believe, due on every successful individual or group – and eventually came up with the idea of helping a much greater number of people through a digital book.


Start Your Own Regional Gift Basket Business: A Home-Based Business With National Customers

Would you like to start a truly enjoyable home-based business? Would you like more control of your income or your time? Are you a people person that would like to talk to people throughout the USA? Are you proud of your state or regional area and want to do something really unique and profitable?