Books on How to Start a Computer Consulting Business

Thinking of starting a computer consulting business? Here are articles to help you get started:

For detailed guidance, tips and advice on how to start and run a computer consulting business, check out some books we have selected below:

Getting Started in Computer Consulting

From start-up costs to contract negotiation, from taxes to pricing and marketing, you get concise, straightforward advice and guidance on all the critical issues involved. And throughout the text you’ll find candid accounts from seasoned computer consultants who share invaluable insights into all aspects of the business.




The Consulting Bible: Everything You Need to Know to Create and Expand a Seven-Figure Consulting Practice

The Consulting Bible tells you absolutely everything you need to know to create and expand a seven-figure independent or boutique consulting practice. Expert author Alan Weiss, who coaches consultants globally and has written more books on solo consulting than anyone in history, shares his expertise comprehensively.




Managed Services in a Month – Build a Successful It Service Business in 30 Days – 2nd Ed.

Managed Services in a Month is a no-nonsense guide to building a successful managed service practice. Whether you are just starting out, or converting your existing break/fix technology consulting business to managed services, this book will show you the way. The newly revised and expanded 2nd edition has nine new chapters, covering the latest products and services available today-including cloud technologies.




The IT Consultant : A Commonsense Framework for Managing the Client Relationship

This is the only book on the market that will teach you the crucial “soft skills” of communication, facilitation, and presentation, plus a methodology for applying IT analysis skills to meet your client’s business needs. Using an organized, common sense approach based on his 15 years experience as an IT consultant, Rick Freedman presents this landmark method for partnering with clients, collecting and analyzing data, creating recommendations, and delivering business benefits to clients.



Building the IT Consulting Practice

Building the IT Practice is a clear and practical guide organized to help design, build, and manage lucrative consulting practices. Building on the advisory methodologies described in the author’s previous book, The IT Consultant, this book goes beond the personal practices and behaviors presented in that work to offer a roadmap to the creation of an IT Professional Services business.




Start & Run a Rural Computer Consulting Business (Start and Run A)

This book is a step-by-step guide for the IT professional working a high-stress job who dreams about moving out of the city, but still wants to make a living working with computers. It can be done!This is exactly what author John Deans did when he left one of Houston’s most successful IT companies, moved his family to rural Texas, and started a home-based computer consulting firm. Small towns are a relatively new niche for computer consultants, but they offer ample opportunity for starting a successful small business.



How to Quit Your Job and Start a Computer Business

This book is the how-to manual I wish I’d had when I started my own computer business. I want to answer those questions and he
help you make a smooth transition from a career working for someone else to being your own boss.

Maybe you want the freedom to choose how to work. Maybe you want the money you earn to be directly tied to the work you do. Maybe you love getting your hands dirty or maybe you love doing something new every day. Whatever the reason, this book is for you if you want to leave your job and start a computer


Start & Run a Rural Computer Consulting Business (Start and Run A)

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