How a Website Can Benefit Your Day Care Home Business

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I’m a huge advocate of having a website and blog to support your day care business. My website was born at the same time as my day care and I have benefited from a lot of business that otherwise might not have found me. They might have overlooked my service in favor of a bigger, better, faster, shinier, more centrally located day care.

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People were impressed with my website; with the pictures, information and ‘glimpse inside’ that it offered. They liked the beautiful setting, the family run element and our Montessori program. They felt like they knew us already thanks to the ‘personal touch’ effect of the website.

Having an online presence has many advantages in terms of marketing and simply communicating with current and potential clients. A professional website is worth considering and is not difficult to create or maintain. A vibrant, regularly updated site and blog can sell your business better than anything else. Make sure it is easily navigable and well stocked with information about you and your business.

Granted it took a few months of work submitting my site to online business directories and ensuring I had all my meta tags and keywords up to speed but ultimately it was worth it. My day care almost always shows up in the first few listings for any search for child care in my area (oftentimes for nationwide searches).

Pictures of your day care should abound, both interior and exterior – nice bright shots of your playrooms and playgrounds. Parents love to see concise details of essential policies, fees and curriculum – so they know what to expect. You can include downloads of your day care contract and parent handbook – the more information you provide, the less questions they’re going to have.

Having a blog associated with your site is a lovely idea and keeps both present and future clients updated and involved. I just recently revamped my site adding a blog (I use WordPress and highly recommend it) and am already reaping the rewards and hearing lots of nice feedback. Consider having a staff page with pictures and mini biographies of your carers (even it it’s just you). People love that personal touch and feel that you are less of a stranger to them.

Recommended Books on Marketing Your Day Care Business:


Find out about childcare from Fiona Lohrenz who has run her own day care for the past 10 years. She incorporates all that knowledge into her website and her ‘Start a Day Care Business’ DVD guide: How To Start A Daycare Find her at her Day Care focused website.

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