How to be a Successful Freelancer

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Ever wonder why some freelancers get all the work, while you struggle to acquire your first venture or even regular work? You may imagine that the most important factor to becoming a prosperous and gainfully contracted freelancer is to be highly skillful at what you do, but you ‘d be incorrect. While being an expert at what you do is important, it is not the most critical part of being successful. There are lots of more important reasons why some freelancers get all the work. Here are 7 capabilities customers gather you to possess when they look to hire a professional freelancer.

What Customers Want When Hiring a Freelancer

Clients like freelancers who:

1. Are Professional

That means turning jobs in when you say you will and following through on the procedure you drafted with them. For example, if you say you’re going to supply an initial draft in two weeks, you supply an initial draft in two weeks. It also means responding to phone calls and emails promptly, and treating your customer like you ‘d desire to be treated. Extremely good client service is vital to keeping potential clients and solid word-of-mouth advertising. Professional freelancers honestly get and hold more customers.

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2. Are Charming

You have associated with idiots before, right? No one prefers to work with a jerk or any person that makes them feel bad. Being favorable to associate with is simply not difficult; it involves having a genuine attitude, being flexible and softhearted, and being easy to talk with. We all have negative days. However, you’re a business operator and it’s your obligation to make your client feel respected.

3. Have an Exceptional Attitude

Be amenable, completely ready and able to listen closely to feed-back (positive and negative). It may also mean being willing to negotiate with your timelines and your rates. You do not need to bend over backwards and pass up hard earned money to accommodate; however, if you are willing to work with your clients for a win/win outcome, they ‘ll thank you for it. This is very likely one of the most powerful reasons why some freelancers get all the work, while others struggle to get by, or garner only tiny jobs for insignificant money. Frame of mind is everything! You are in the service buisness. Work for your prospects and treat them as you’d like to be treated.

4. Are Trustworthy

Honesty is the best policy. If you can not do something, or do not have knowledge of something, just be straightforward with your client. They may not be delighted but it’s undoubtedly preferable than being lied to or tricked.

5. Are Happy to Learn and Improve

Clients like providers who enjoy to be trained and who are continually boosting their business. It is excellent when you can express to a prospect, “I was at a seminar last week and I definitely think such and such strategy would work for your project, what do you think?” It reveals to them that you’re regarding them them and that you’re more than just a freelance provider. You can also act as a consultant. This is plus and serves to set you apart from other freelancers.

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6. Are Available

This is hard for some freelancers because they want to work different hours, they don’t keep routine business hours and perhaps they just don’t enjoy conversing on the phone or making themselves easily available. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to your customers to be able to touch base you in a method that they feel comfortable with and when they’re available. That will not mean you must keep 24/7 business hours, but logical business hours and availability is vital. As is being available via telephone and e-mail.

7. Are Fantastic Listeners

Being a wonderful listener means two things – it means actually understanding what your client is telling you and it means knowing when to ask questions. It is too easy to devote your time talking with a customer and feeling like you have got to advertise yourself when the fact is, if you solely listen to what they have to say and ask a few questions, you’re better off. People want to be listened to and they wish to know they have been listened to much more than they long for your sales pitch.

This should really answer that burning question of why some freelancers get all the work. Much of a profitable freelance business is the by-product of maintaining good customers and good word of mouth. In fact, you can fill your schedule with these two simple things. If you want to be among those freelancers who get all the work, follow these simple tips and you will be well on your way to realizing your freelance business desires.

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How to be a Successful Freelancer
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How to be a Successful Freelancer
Ever wonder why some freelancers get all the work, while you struggle to acquire your first venture or even regular work? Learn what clients want in a freelancer
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