How to Earn Money as a Wardrobe Consultant or Fashion Stylist

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earn money as fashion stylist or wardrobe consultant

Do you love to dress up other people? If you have the fashion flair and sense of style, you can earn money as a wardrobe consultant, advising individuals what outfits to put on and how to wear them right. Wardrobe consultants are likewise identified by other names including fashion stylists, fashion experts, image consultants, personal image professionals or business image consultants.

What does a Wardrobe Consultant or Fashion Stylist Do?

The main job of a wardrobe consultant or fashion stylist is to make your customers look good and create a positive overall impression. You create unique wardrobe styles to help your customer dress fashionably and showcase his or her personality and style. You will also mix and match fashion outfits including accessories and coordinate wardrobe selections from a wide range of colors and patterns to create the outfit that will suit your clients best.

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For wardrobe consultants hired for a video or fashion shoot, your role is to bring the photographer’s or director’s vision to life through the outfits of the models or celebrities.

As a wardrobe consultant, your job will be to:

  • Discuss with the clients – whether it is the wearer or the company that hired the wearer – the kind of image they want to project through the outfits
  • Keep abreast of fashion trends, including shoes and accessories
  • Put together creative fashion outfits
  • Find the right accessories to make the fashion outfits work
  • Develop the fashion visuals for photo shoots, film or videos
  • Purchase, hire or borrow the garments and accessories
  • Ensure that the price points of the outfits and accessories match the clients’ budget
  • Develop an extensive network with fashion designers, retailers and clothing manufacturers
  • Pack and return borrowed outfits and accessories

Clients can also hire your services to help them build an important wardrobe selection that will be practical for several events. The clothing collection has to be coordinated and also interchangeable that will help your clients get immediately what to wear for virtually any formal or informal occasion.

Who are the Clients of a Wardrobe Consultant or Fashion Stylist?

As a wardrobe consultant, you can freelance while you build a good network of clients. You can dress up models, celebrities, society men and women who go to lots of parties, as well as others who attend events where they need to be dressed up.

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You can also work for specific clothing stores, boutiques or one of the large department stores. You can choose to work full time or part-time as a wardrobe consultant for the store. Big name stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue are looking for sales consultants where you wardrobe your clients from the store’s assortment of designer and contemporary apparel, handbags, shoes, accessories, and other items.

There are also clothing retailers out there looking for stylists who will then set up in-home trunk shows of their fashion merchandise. You will then help the customer choose from the store’s outfits during one-on-one private appointments.

Many of the fashion stylists today work in conjunction with fashion photographers, fashion magazines and film directors. You can work in commercials, print advertisements, music videos, and others to style the celebrities and models. You will be responsible to dress up the cast based on the concept and imagery that the fashion shoots, music video or film needs to convey.

How to become a wardrobe consultant?

As a wardrobe consultant, you combine your love for fashion, innate sense of style, your aesthetics and values to help other people feel confident and beautiful. You need to have the passion to help others look good. However, this is a very fast-paced and stressful environment, and catering to the demands and whims of clients to meet their expectations will not always be easy.

You can become a wardrobe consultant by getting training in the area of fashion design. While there is no standard education requirement, getting a degree in fashion designing, fashion merchandising, visual or art merchandising, or even getting a  fashion merchandising masters degree or other graduate degree can help you understand how to match outfits together and gain deeper knowledge about body shapes and physiques You can also take short courses on fashion styling from credible fashion schools to acquire basic knowledge of fashion styling and an understanding of fashion trends.

Experience is essential to this field. You can get your foot in the door by working as a fashion assistant for an established fashion stylist; participate in an internship program offered by fashion design schools or join entry-level fashion careers in stores.

Success as a fashion stylist depends in large part to your ability to build an impressive fashion styling portfolio. Having excellent social and communication skills, coupled with an extensive network can lead to success as a fashion consultant. Who you know is important in this business, and can open doors for you. In fact, many fashion styling gigs are a result of referrals. You need to build a strong client base, while always looking for opportunities to expand your network and keeping an excellent professional reputation.

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