How to Overcome Fear of Rejection in Sales

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It is the fear of rejection in sales that cause most people to dread making sales. Therefore in this article I will provide you 4 distinct paradigm shifts that you can make to help you pull through the fear of being rejected when making a sale.

It’s not about you: it’s about the customer

One of the primary grounds folks fear being rejected when making sales, is because they center their focus on themselves and not the customer. We want to never forget, that we are assisting the client make a prudent decision, we are not offering him anything, therefore if he makes a decision that he does not want it, that’s his loss not ours. Simply making this paradigm shift removes the fear of being rejected when introducing your product/service. Thus aiding individuals to become very calm and confident in their delivery.

You take charge by asking questions, not by talking about your product endlessly.

When you make the paradigm shift proposed above, and realize that it’s not about you, but rather about the customer, you relinquish the desire to present all your information immediately. Instead, you learn to take charge of the situation by asking specific questions and showing sincere interest in the individual. This not only gives the customer an opportunity to indicate what he really needs, but he also begins to open up and feel more relaxed with you, because he sees that you are not trying to sell him anything. This helps you to open the customer’s mind and lets him drop his guard, thus making it even easier for you to present to him without the fear of being rejected when striving to close the sale.

Determine if there is a sale to be made

The third paradigm shift to get over the fear of rejection in sales is to recognize that not every individual is a potential consumer and that what you are doing is taking them through a system of elimination, to sift through and find a individual who actually wants your product or service. Now that you have let the customer to talk and asked pertinent questions, you should know for certain if the individual actually has a need for your product and if he desires your product. When you recognize these two things for sure, your own fear of rejection in sales automatically dissipates.

Make an emotional connection

Once you know undoubtedly that the potential customer wants your product or service, is it time to make the sale? No, since this is where the fourth paradigm shift, comes into play. Because the client has told you what his true requirements are and what he prefers, you know exactly what appeals to him and what aspect of your product or service will help him; you ask him what it would mean to have such a product or service and how valuable it would be to him. You do this to make a potent emotional connection . When the potential customer responds, you then tell him that you have a similar solution , but don’t go any further. When you tell him that you have a solution but stop short of explaining, he is bound to want the product or service and will take it off your hands, without even needing you to sell it to him.

As you can see, when this happens to you frequently, making sales will be an stimulating and delightful task as your fear of rejection in sales would have disappeared. Therefore I invite you to make the above paradigm shifts and start speaking with customers immediately.



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