How to Write a Logo Design Brief When Outsourcing

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You are about to launch a new company. Your office, people and the infrastructure is ready. And you have a fair idea about how your business is going to be. So, now is the time to go for the graphic or logo design work. Or, the scenario is a little different; you are already in business but want a fresh new design for all your company graphics. The first vital thing to do is to write down a detailed logo design brief.

There are two main reasons why you should write a logo design brief:

  • It will make sure what exactly YOU want to achieve from your design project, as a business owner or manager. This brief will act as a reference point for graphic or logo designers and will give them key areas to concentrate on.
  • This initial effort will save you time and money to achieve the end result. If you supply as much information and details to your graphic designer at the start of the project, he/she would be able to give you more value for your money.

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To help you give a head start, here are some points which you should consider while writing your logo and graphic design project brief. A logo design brief should include:

Your Corporate Profile

Assumption by the graphic designer is not good as incorrect information about your company can make the entire design process absolutely worthless. So, providing a summary of your current business and a brief about its history and background is a must.

Your Company’s Market Position

Provide a realistic evaluation of your company, products, services, or brand relative to your competition’s performance.

Current situation or need that called for this design project

Mention what is the reason of initiating this design project. For example, any change/addition of products and services that drastically needs to become part of all your advertising needs.

Previous marketing and communication materials

Supply all the previous and current communication materials (like advertising, mailers, graphic/logo design, public relations) etc.

Communication, context- “key message”

What’s the specific message you want to convey through your design project?

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Target market/clients

Specify your target market, demographically also. Mention the age, income, gender, employment, or lifestyle of those people you want your message and business to reach.


What is the objective of this design project? Specify them clearly and include some kind of a measure also for the desired results.


Clearly mention your budget to get the right designer for yourself.

Schedules and deadline, if any Give your graphic and logo designer a clear and realistic schedule for the deadlines of your project to get it done on time.

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Take the following into consideration while creating your design brief:

  • Consultation, Research
  • Creative design pieces
  • Production – Delivery

There are many designers who have their own design brief templates that you can fill at the beginning of your project. By creating a logo design brief, this makes the whole design process professional, effective and ultimately saves time and money.

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How to Write a Logo Design Brief When Outsourcing Design
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How to Write a Logo Design Brief When Outsourcing Design
When starting a business, one of the first things to do is to create a logo. If you are going to outsource the logo design process, learn why you need to write down a detailed logo design brief and how it can make the process easier and faster.
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