The Real Secret of Unstoppable Achievers

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The Real Secret of Unstoppable Achievers

What marks the difference between the person who achieves their goals and the person who doesn’t? How many times have you been told the difference is just having a definite, well-defined goal? What is the secret of unstoppable achievers?

Actually that is putting the cart before the horse, and it’s not really true. You can have a serious goal and still never even come close to achieving it. In fact, that goal might even end up further eroding your self confidence.

Why is this so? Because just having a goal does NOT magically bring your desire into reach. Neither does creating a detailed goal plan.

The difference between those who actually achieve their goals and those who do not is this: Non-achievers put the cart before the horse. Achievers hook the horse up to the cart.

How Success is Really Attained

Almost every one of today’s “success gurus” tell you to focus your energy on your desired end result. On the surface it may seem wise to focus your energy on your desired end result — on your goal.

But in terms of how people actually achieve true success — this is an example of the classic case of putting the cart before the horse.

The truth is — success is not attained when you achieve a desired goal. Success is actually the process of becoming the person to whom that desired goal belongs.

How to Become a Top Achiever

The real difference between achievers and failures is the way they live their daily lives. Every successful person became who they are because of how they live their daily lives.

In short: Your daily lifestyle determines your success. You actually become a success the millisecond you commit to live a daily lifestyle focused on success. This puts the horse (your daily actions and beliefs) before the cart (your end goal).

This applies to success in any field or endeavor ­- whether business, personal, or social. If you want to achieve a goal of being fit and healthy, for example, you do so by adopting a daily lifestyle focused on regular exercise and healthy eating habits.

If you want to achieve a goal of having your own million-plus business, you do so by adopting a daily lifestyle focused on developing the skills and attitudes of a multi-millionaire business person.

Some Real-Life Examples

Still need convincing? What do you think the lifestyle of mega-successful people was before they achieved their current levels of success?

Do you think Oprah spent five hours every evening watching soap operas? Or maybe Anthony Robbins spent every evening drinking beer with his buddies and watching sports videos? Maybe Tina Turner just sat around eating potato chips and reading magazines? Or perhaps Gina Davis just hung around the mall drinking coffee?

Are these silly questions? Of course! But in fact these examples are exactly how a lot of unsuccessful people spend their time.

A Simple Action Plan to Become Unstoppable Achievers

I realize this may sound incredible, but in fact becoming a success IS simple. It may not be easy, but it certainly isn’t complicated. If you truly desire success, it is created one day at a time.

Just go to work on a daily basis. What you do EACH DAY is what determines if you will (or will not) achieve the success you desire. This IS the major difference between the achievers and the would-be, could be’s. Your daily actions truly determine your destiny.

Former President Ronald Reagan once said: “Status Quo is Latin for ‘the mess we are in.'” The status quo is actually your “comfort zone.” Reagan’s tongue-in-cheek quote reminds us that just doing the same old comfortable things actually creates a mess rather than new levels of success.

Get your horse out in front of your cart. You can have the success you desire IF you are willing to adopt a DAILY lifestyle that will result in goal achievement.

 Dr. Jill Ammon-Wexler is a former consultant to the Pentagon and a Presidential Commission, and personal advisor to top executives, executive teams, and individuals around the world. Her *Take Charge* ecourse is being used by thousands of serious success seekers in 117 countries around the world. For more information visit

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  1. Evelyn Cucchiara says:

    Agree completely – you’ve got to walk the walk to get the desired results. Talking the talk by itself isn’t going to do it.

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