5 Ways to Live a Stress-Free Life

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stressed entrepreneurStress is one of the key factors contributing to premature aging and developing mental disorders such as depression and anxiety at a very young age.

However, you cannot deny stress, because it’s a part of life. The art to achieving success and leading a balanced work and family life is to not let the stress affect your mind, judgment, and life.

Below are 5 tips that will help you live a stress-free life:

1. Take Baby-Steps

Do NOT over-analyze things. STOP stressing about things that haven’t happened yet. Do not think about the important meeting due next month or the report you have to submit next week. Live in the moment and take baby-steps. Get done with the tasks due tomorrow or day after first. In playing the Jack of all traits, you end up as being the master of none. Therefore, it is always wise to deal with the situations as they come and react accordingly, instead of fussing about them in advance.

2. Keep Some “Me” Time

No matter how busy the day gets, always try to take some time out. Fix an hour or two in the regular schedule dedicated to just yourself.

Things you could do:

  • Spend this time playing video games
  • Meditate
  • Exercise – an interesting way to relieve stress is to jump on a trampoline. It not only helps to circulate the blood but also releases dopamine, which induces a feeling of happiness and calmness. You can keep it in the backyard, on the porch or even in the house (depending on the size) and get them at affordable prices.
  • Dine out for dinner or lunch
  • Read
  • Watch movies; anything that brings enjoyment in the routine

3. Stick to a Regime

Plan out your day and make a proper schedule. Wake up early in the morning and have a healthy breakfast for a great kick-start. Write down all the appointments and To-Do’s for the day and one by one complete each task. Complaining about them won’t get you anywhere. As the saying goes “Actions speak louder than words”. This leads us to our next point.

4. Stop Procrastinating

Never delay the tasks at hand. It is always better to get done and dusted rather than procrastinating the work and get worried. Remove distractions such as cell phones, laptops, food, and friends, and concentrate on the job in hand. This way you will be done with the tasks much faster, with ample time and energy to reward yourself by going out with friends or just sleeping in.

5. Spend Time with Family

Yes, work life can be quite demanding, but so is your family. Research suggests spending time with family helps reducing stress. Watching a movie together on Saturday night or going out for a dinner on Friday night are just two of the many things you could do with your family. In the present day, most teenagers find it ‘uncool’ to hang out with their parents or siblings. However, it is an established fact that those kids who spend time with their family are mentally more stable and happy.

It is also found that spending time with loved ones:

  • Increases the life span
  • Helps to maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • Rids one from feeling lonely and lost
  • Builds confidence in them


Royce Calvin

Royce is a writer for PowerHomeBiz.com. He is as passionate about Internet Marketing as he is with his ever-present cup of Starbucks coffee.

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Royce is a writer for PowerHomeBiz.com. He is as passionate about Internet Marketing as he is with his ever-present cup of Starbucks coffee.

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