6 Stages of Buyer Readiness

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Before a customer makes a purchase, he or she first goes through a series of stages called “buyer readiness.” According to Marc Mancini, the stages of buyer readiness are:

1. Awareness.

Before you can sell, you must make contact with those who want to purchase. Your agency should create advertising and promotional programs that’ll make your name conspicuous and will attract serious buyers.

2. Knowledge.

Once prospective clients know your name, they begin the process of acquiring knowledge about what you can offer. Therefore, your advertising efforts should establish you as an expert — perhaps even a specialist in one or more niche areas.

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3. Liking.

We all tend to buy from people or companies we feel positive about. Entertaining ads, for example, will convey warmth and the “humanity” of your agency. Direct your creative efforts toward making your agency seem joyful, inviting and approachable.

4. Preference.

Benefits statements are the key to making prospective clients prefer your agency over another. Provide target customers with reasons to do business with you.

5. Conviction.

Your advertising should build the customers’ certainty that you’re the agency to call first. Client testimonials, for example, provide just the right reinforcement for the preference you’ve created.

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6. Purchase.

Once prospective clients have decided to seek you out, expert sales skills are critical to helping them make the right purchase.

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