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Below are videos and PowerPoint presentations to help you start, market and manage your small or home-based business:



Featured Video:
How to Successfully Start a Small Business


How to Successfully Start a Small Business
You start a business with the hope of seeing it succeed. Here are twelve factors that are important in creating and building a successful start up business.

Before You Quit Your Day Job and Start a Business
Jumping from employee to entrepreneur is a big, big move. Watch the video for more tips on how to ease your transition and prepare yourself for your new life as an entrepreneur.

How to Finance Your Small Business
The success of your small business will depend on whether you have adequate capital needed to start and run the business. Watch the video to learn about how to finance your small business

8 Ways to Reduce Your Risks When Starting a Business
Risks and entrepreneurship are like two peas in a pod: they go hand-in-hand together. The key is for the small business owner to anticipate the risks and understand what could possibly go wrong.

10 Tips on Choosing a Home Business
Choosing the right business is critical to the success of your entrepreneurial endeavor. It is the most important decision you will make as you start your business.

How to Overcome Your Fear of Starting a Business
Overcoming your fear is one of the most difficult hurdles of starting a business. Starting a new business is such a leap of faith, that it can scare the wits out of you, more so when you are leaving the comfort and security of a steady paycheck.

How to Choose a Home Business
You have made the decision to start a business from your home. But do you know what business to start? Learn four tips on how to choose your home business.


How to Overcome Fear When Starting a Business
To help mitigate the risks and overcome your fear of starting a business, here are 10 things that you can do to overcome the fear of failure and the fear of starting a business

How to Choose the Home Business to Start
Making the decision as to what business to start is the hardest first step. There’s just too many options, too many choices to make. Here are eight ways to take when choosing and starting your home business

10 Tips to Small Business Success
Here are ten things that you need to do to make sure that your new business survives and prospers.

10 Qualities of Successful Entrepreneurs
How do you succeed in business? What qualities must you have to become a successful entrepreneur? This is a question that every business owner wants to know, with many trying to understand if there’s some magic formula to achieving success.

PowerPoint Presentations

Using Twitter for Your Small Business
In this Powerpoint presentation, learn how to effectively use Twitter to market your business, reach existing and potential customers, learn about your industry and initiate a dialogue with influencers.

Learning From Small Business Women Entrepreneurs
Learn very insightful business lessons, tips and advice from the small and home-based women entrepreneurs we’ve featured on

How to Sell More on the Web
Here are tips for small business and home business entrepreneurs on how to sell on the Web, including learning how to attract more visitors and then turning them into customers. Learn how to increase conversion rate and increase sales from your ecommerce store