How to Sell More Products in a Consignment Shop

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QUESTION ON Consignment Shop Sale

Hi, I am a professional organizer and I have a client that is in consignment shop sales. She wants to be able to sell more products. Does anyone know how to arrange the products so that they sell better and faster? Thanks.-

– Sabrina


Dear Sabrina:

You don’t say what items your client sells.

Assuming it’s womens’ clothing, your client needs to look at its local market and determine what her market is wearing and take in only those clothes that are current sellers.

Arranging several of these as outfits rather than as individual items will help her clients see their potential and increase multiple product sales. Putting two or three of the most attractive outfits in the window display will help bring in new customers.

Your client may also want to consider a frequent shopper’s discount. She could have small business cards with her shop’s name and address on it, then room for 10 punches. Each item merits a punch and after 10 punches, the client receives a $10 merchandise credit or a half-off on any single item.

Your client may also want to expand her market by selling some of her stuffs online. She can open a storefront in online auction sites such as eBay. This will allow her to reach more potential buyers, and not limit her sales to walk in clients or foot traffic.

I suggest you read the tips in the article Growing Your Retail Store Business as a consignment store is also a form of a retail store. Check the book referenced in the article as it is full of strategies a retailer can use to move products quickly.

Best of luck, Sabrina. Let us know how it goes.

Yvonne Buchanan

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Article originally published in June 2002. Updated March 10, 2012
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