Getting a Small Business Loan

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QUESTION ON Getting A Small Business Loan

I am trying to start a business and I’m female I was wondering you could help direct me to some where I could find out about getting a small business loan through the government?

– Amie


Advice by Lisa Segal

Although I have not been personally involved in financing of this nature I know that the Small Business Administration (SBA) is highly involved in giving government loans to small businesses. They would be the first group to contact. In addition, there are many books you can read about obtaining loans from the government. A few you might want to look at are: and

There is also software that can be used to find loans:

If you are looking for additional information here are some websites regarding business loans that may prove helpful: (The FAQ’s page on this site is very helpful) (business loans for women and minorities; it has info and sells a book) (non-profit org)

Recommended Resources on Getting A Small Business Loan

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