5 Hot Tips to Increase Sales

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increase salesCustomers appreciate when you do some of the thinking for them. These hot selling tips work only when you have a service mindset in your head and customer satisfaction in your heart. Here are strategies to help you increase sales:

1. Think Multiples!

When adding up the order, ask if they have anyone else who might like this item as a gift and suggest, “Do you have anyone else on your gift list that is around the same price range? You might save time picking up a few of these for others, too?” If the item is for personal use, consider the convenience of having one of the items in several locations. For example: the office, the car, the kitchen.

2. McDonalds It!

When you order a hamburger, the question that follows is, “Would like fries with it?” No one gets offended by the question and the person asking is not offended if you decline. Make a list of the most popular items that your customers order and be ready to inquire if they would like to pair with it?

3. Amazon It!

When a customer orders a book on Amazon, the company always populates a list of related material, as well as listing additional customers who purchased the product. People tend to rely of third party endorsements, thus in this case your customers. Think about the items your customers are selecting and be ready to recommend, “I see you ordered , many of my other customers who ordered this… also ordered .”

4. Upsell It!

If your customer orders a single item, recommend the set where applicable. Many items in your product line are matched or complementary pairs. It might mean a ring that matches a bracelet, a kitchen tool designed to enhance a specific bowl, or a skin cleanser with a toner. In order for your customer to get the full benefit, make them fully aware of the compatibility.

5. Sweeten It!

How many times have you been tempted to add a luscious dessert on because the server’s delivery was too tempting to turn down? When you are adding up your orders, put a sweet cap on the shopping experience by showing a few of your lower priced items that you did not have an opportunity to talk about during your presentation. These add-ons can be the sweetest way to end a good meal, or turn a transaction into a relationship based on recommendations that enhance the service you provide.

Use these 5 hot selling tips to help your customers plan their needs before the point of sale. Increase your sales by offering stellar service and making smart suggestions.


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5 Hot Selling Tips to Increase Sales
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5 Hot Selling Tips to Increase Sales
Looking to increase sales? Here are 5 hot selling tips to increase sales by offering stellar service and making smart suggestions.
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