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Questions on Starting a Business

Here are some of the questions on starting a business that our readers have sent us. Read our Guide's answers and learn from them. 

If you wish to share your own thoughts on these questions, please feel free to contact us and send in your responses. You may also send your own questions on any aspect of starting, managing and growing a home business through the submission form  



Starting a Business (General)

Starting A Footwear Brand Distribution Agency In The Philippines

Starting a Business While Keeping A Friendship
How to Start an Online Store
Starting a Mystery Shopping Company

Starting a Car Wash Business
Starting a Gym for Kids with Little or No Budget
Starting an Online Store to Sell Jewelry  
Starting a Salad Dressing, Marinade, etc. Business  
How To Start a Self-storage Business  
Requesting Tips for Food Processing Business  
Starting an Animated Art Gallery   
A Unique Business Opportunity for Employees of Sold Company
Building a Public Relation and Event Consultancy Business
Starting Internet Marketing with an Online Mall
Starting a Clothing Catalog Business

I Would Like To Start A Business Before I Retire
Starting a Check Collection Agency in Texas
Opening An Art Gallery
Building an Errand and Running Business 
Starting a Florist Shop - Too Scared To Start
Starting a Shoe Retail Store in a Remote City
Starting a Craft and Gift Shop
Starting a Retail Boutique
Starting a Magazine
Starting a Fresh Fruit Gift Basket Outlet Chain
Starting an Online Personalized CD Business (A Legal Question)
Starting a Fans Club for a 9 year old Daughter
Starting a Catering Business From Home  
Starting a Personalized Greeting Card Business
Starting a Business After Retirement (A Look at the Future)

Starting a Home Based Artistry Business
Starting a Herbal Tea Business

Starting a Business with Own Idea or Idea already Established
Buy or Lease for a Starting Business
Wanting to Start a Home Business

Starting a Home Business 
How To Succeed In Jewelry Design

Working-at-Home after relocating to another State.
Home-based Recruiting Business
The Right Time to Franchising an Internet Business
Choosing a Home Business with so many Skills
Starting a Home Business of Helping Others Start a Business

Getting Financing for Business Equipment

Starting a Home Based Import-Export  and International Trading Business

How To Export Philippine Handicrafts and Export Procedures
Starting An International Trading Business-Now, You have Products, What Next?
Getting Leads to be Used for Starting An International Trading Business
Starting an Import/Export Operation: Product and Source of Information
When do you need a permit to import clothes for retail

Starting a Clothing Business 
Starting a Clothing Shop at a Young Age  
Starting a Retail Clothing Store
Starting a Clothing Line But Lacking Sewing Skills
Starting a Clothing Line With a Unique Technique
Children's Clothing Store
Children's Clothing Line
Creating My Own Clothing Line

Starting a Shoe Business 
Starting a Shoe Store at 15
Starting a Children's Shoe Store
Starting a Stylish Shoe Store
Athletic Footwear Business - Filling an Unmet Demand

Starting a Consulting/Motivational Speaking Business 
Business Workshops, Seminars, Consulting Service
Starting a Career as a Motivational Speaker
Where and When To Start as a Training Consultant?

Starting a Medical Billing Business
Starting a Medical Billing Service

Starting a Home Based Medical Billing Service
Checking Out Medical Billing Service Business Opportunities

Starting a Business: Miscellaneous
Starting my own printing business from Home

Starting a Three-in-One Business

Starting a Dance Club?
Starting a Car Detailing Business
Starting a MicroSpa or Massage Business
Starting a Consignment Business
Start-up for a Liquor Store
Starting an Insurance Business

Buying Inventory and Starting a Bookstore Business
Opening a Beauty Salon
Expanding a Transcription Business
Starting a Pawn Shop in a Small Town
Computer Aided Remodeling and Landscaping Software Business

Choosing a Legal Structure for a Home Repair Service
Opening a Small Shoe Store in North Carolina  
Starting a Chocolate Club/Society

Checking Out For Scam