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"Thank you so much for your quick, yet lengthy and informative reply! This really helps me to think and plan more appropriately.. I will proceed as per your recommendations and begin the process of investigating this company. I look forward to receiving the newsletters." Deborah 

Thank you so much for your very helpful info. I had no idea that all this stuff was involved in setting up a website, that's all you hear about these days. Well I guess I'll have to sell in my own yard or on ebay. Your help was a life saver it saved me for having to find out on my own that's why I always research first and talk to other people. Thanks, Phyllis"

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Q & A Starting a Business

Whether you are planning to start a brick-and-mortar or an online business, learn the basics of starting a business -- from zoning, licenses and permits, business structures, business plans and more. 

Q & A Starting and Running a Web Business

Learn tips on how you can start and succeed with a Web-based business. From the mechanics of creating a website to learning how to market a Web business, check what our Guides have to say.

Q & A Business Ideas

Are you interested in starting a particular business but don't know how? Know the basics of a particular business, the steps needed to start it, its income potential, and a lot more. 

Q & A Business Legal Structure, Permits, Licenses and Tax

Various questions and answers about home business tax deductions, licenses, permits, partnerships, S-Corp, Corporation Issues, etc...

Q & A Marketing and Promotion

Get suggestions on how to market and promote your business, whether you are a start-up or an established business. 

Q & A Managing and Growing a Business

Are you ready to move your business to the next level? Get some advice on how to manage the growth of your business.

Q & A Financing a Business

Financing a business is often a difficult endeavor for many home business entrepreneurs. Whether you are looking for business loans, grant money or real-estate based financing, our Experts may be able to point you in the right direction.

Meet Your Guides

Meet the experts who selflessly share their knowledge, expertise and experience to help fellow home business entrepreneurs. You, too, can be a Guide! Enter your email at  " Contact Us " stating your interest and qualifications. 


Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in these columns are those of the author, not of PowerHomeBiz.com. Users should not treat the Guide's response as a substitute to legal, accounting, or professional advice as all answers are intended to be general in nature. Such advice can only be properly given by qualified professionals who are fully aware of a user's specific circumstance such as an attorney or accountant.