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Questions on Managing and Growing 
a Business

Here are some of the questions on growing and managing a business that our readers have sent us. Read our Guide's answers and learn from them. 

If you wish to share your own thoughts on these questions, please feel free to contact us and send in your responses. You may also send your own questions on any aspect of starting, managing and growing a home business through the submission form .



Managing a Business 
A New Importer Needs To Know

Import Business Overseas Partner
How does the owner of a home business see the profits?
A Question About Corporate Ethics    
Young Company Needs a Battle Plan

To Communicate Corporate Values, Create Champions
How to Clean Up in the Janitorial Service Business

Dump Truck Operation on Residential Area

Hotdog Vendor Would Relish an Indoor Spot

Finding a reputable apparel manufacturer

Maintaining Exclusive Representation with a Foreign Principal

Tap Existing Clients: Focus Market and Message for Business Growth

Managing a Photography Business

Pricing and Use of Barcodes

The Art of Rising From Every Fall!
Finding Independent Sales Representatives
Protecting Your Business Idea and Building It Into a Viable Product

Tax Deductions

Growing a Business
Greeting Card Start-up, How to Grow the Business

Taking a Greeting Card Business to the Next Level

Increasing Customer Base 
Expanding My Mail Order Business
Moving On to a New Niche
When The Business is Losing

Operating on the Web
Export License for Selling via the Web
How To Calculate Your Shipping and Handling Charges