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Starting a MicroSpa or Massage Business

Q. I'm currently in the process of receiving my massage license for NC and was interested in opening a microspa which offer massages and bodywraps. I thought being located near a hair or nail salon could benefit both. I was wondering how do I get the demographics of my area and the start up costs to running a microspa -- NloI

Advice by Nach Maravilla
Publisher, PowerHomeBiz.com

A. Dear Nlo,

The best way to get the demographics of your area is through the Bureau of Census. They have recently released the results of Census 2000 and it contains a wealth of demographic information down to your town level. To access the Bureau of Census:

1. Go to the American Fact Finder http://factfinder.census.gov/servlet/BasicFactsServlet  

2. You will find a dropdown menu that will allow you to select the kind of demographic information that you want: Population and Housing; Age and Sex; Household Unit Totals, among others 

3. You will then select the kind of geographical area that you want: for the entire US, by state, by county, by city or town, or by an American Indian reservation. Select "county" if you want to know about your county. You will then be asked to select the state, and a county for that state.

The initial investment to start a microspa is much less than other types of spas. In this sort of environment, your staff has to be individually very good at the services offered. There isnít a big budget for promotions and the usual fluff offered by a larger spa.

Your start-up costs will depend on many factors, including the kind of services that you will offer, your location, your equipment, the quality and look of your spa, among many others. Some of the start-up expenses you will incur include the following:

Starting Costs You Only Have to Pay Once:

  • Fixtures and equipment
  • counters
  • storage shelves and cabinets
  • display stands, tables, shelves
  • cash registers
  • safe
  • outside sign
  • window display fixtures (if any)
  • spa machines (e.g. skin scanner, galvanic high and current frequency, etc.)
  • massage tables 
  • Decorating and remodeling Installation of fixtures and equipment 
  • Starting inventory (depends on the kind of services that you will offer, examples are as follows): bodywraps; deep hydrating facials; peels; lightening for hyperpigmented skins; eye and lip treatments; vitamin facials 
  • Deposits with public utilities (find out from utility companies) 
  • Legal and other professional expenses (lawyers, accountants, etc)
  • Licenses and permits 
  • Advertising and promotion for the opening 
  • Accounts receivables (what you need to buy more stock until credit customer pays) 
  • Cash (for unexpected expenses or losses, special purchases, etc.)

Operating Expenses:

  • Rent 
  • All salaries and wages (you and your staffs) 
  • Advertising 
  • Supplies 
  • Telephone and fax expenses 
  • Other utilities 
  • Insurance (payment required by the insurance companies) 
  • Taxes, including Social Security 
  • Interest 
  • Maintenance 
  • Legal and Other professional fees 
  • Miscellaneous

Although we feel that this question does not fall within the scope of a home business, we hope that we would be of help.

Here are some books you can also refer to:

Good Luck !


About the PowerHomeBiz.com Guide: 

Nach Maravilla is the Publisher of Power Homebiz Guides. He has over thirty years experience in sales and marketing of various products, which covered as he jokingly describes, "from toothpicks to airplanes"  He also had extensive experience in International trading and he always excelled in special promotional ideas for  retail outlets. 


The opinions expressed in this column are those of the author, not of PowerHomeBiz.com. Users should not treat the Guide's response as legal, accounting, or professional advice as all answers are intended to be general in nature. Such advice can only be properly given by qualified professionals who are fully aware of a user's specific geographical areas or circumstances, such as an attorney or accountant.