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Turning Heads In The Shampoo Aisle

Q. I have a few enquiries on marketing of products, particularly shampoo in hypermarket environment. As part of a sales team in FMCG, I have to discuss with buyers on the positioning of the product in the aisle. It will be together with other competitors' product too. What advice and strategy can  I use to enhance the image, thus increasing the sales. Also, what are the ways am I able to encourage the buyers to buy more of the products?- Ejin, Malaysia

Advice by Yvonne Buchanan

Dear Ejin:

I’m assuming you mean “supermarket” rather than “hypermarket,” yes? Shampoo is a personal care item, and like most personal care items, buyers tend to buy one brand and stick with it.

What makes them switch? Here are a few tactics:

Sales, coupons, advertisements they’ve seen promoting a product that makes it seem better than the one they have been buying.

When displayed along side a competitor, a coupon dispenser near a product with a cents-off coupon may attract new buyers. And to get buyers to buy more than one, consider a “buy three, get one free” or “$1 off with the purchase of two,” etc.

Traditionally, attractive labeling with bright colors, bold lettering “10 percent more free,” etc. has worked well. It really depends on the type of positioning (and by that, I mean how the manufacturer identifies their product, not where it’s located on the shelf). Is it a luxury shampoo or a budget one? The positioning should dictate the type of marketing. If it’s a budget shampoo that competes directly with a luxury shampoo, making their labeling appear similar and positioning (this time I do mean where it’s at on the shelf) near their competitor product can work well. If it’s a luxury shampoo, cents-off coupons may entice new buyers to try it, particularly if other forms of advertising (TV, radio, print ads) have already piqued their interest.

I hope this helps. Let us know.


About the PowerHomeBiz.com Guide:  

Yvonne Buchanan has been a public relations writer, editor and freelancer for more than 20 years. She is an instructor at The PR Academy www.learnpr.com, a professional development institution that provides public relations instruction and information. She enjoys teaching people how to use low-cost public relations methods to increase the market visibility for their businesses.

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