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Questions on Home Business Tax, Licenses, Permits, Questions on Partnerships, S-Corp., Corporation Issues (General)

Here are some of the questions on starting a business that our readers have sent us. Read our Guide's answers and learn from them. 

If you wish to share your own thoughts on these questions, please feel free to contact us and send in your responses. You may also send your own questions on any aspect of starting, managing and growing a home business through the submission form  


Home Business Tax, Licenses, Permits, Questions on Partnerships,
S-Corp., Corporation Issues (General)

Objective: Limiting Liability and Gain Tax Advantage For Corporations

Converting from a Corporation to Sole Proprietorship
Converting Sole Proprietorship to An LLC
Can A Subsidiary LLC Be A Managing Member Of Its Parent LLC ?
Employee Stock Option-S-corp
Consequences of Allowing Other People to Use The Name of Your Company As Their Own
How To Use A Certified Constructor License of a Former Employee in Florida
One LLC To Serve As A Parent Company of other Separate LLCs
Forming an LLC and Electing To be Taxed as an "S" Corp
Resignation of A Member of an LLC
Issuing Stock On A Newly Formed Company
Business Entity Conversion - From Sole Proprietorship to an S-Corporation?
Choosing LLP or LLC for a Start-Up Cleaning Business
All About LLC ( Limited Liability Company  
Separation from Start-up S Corp prior to Filing Articles of Incorporation  Member Resignation from LLC or Dissolution of LLC   
Incorporating With Same Company Name in Another State
Converting from a Corporation to Sole Proprietorship
LLC "S" Status or "C" ?
How do You
Add an Officer to an S Corporation? 
How do You Remove a Partner and Stockholder from a C Corporation  
Sales Taxes in Every State? 
What are types of Partnerships, Pros and Cons
S Corp Question-Removing a Partner in an S-Corporation  
Self Directed IRA for Business Investments: As an S-corporation
Self Directed IRA's- use an LLC to invest funds from a self directed IRA in real estate?
Missing a Partner in a Partnership
Adding a Partner to an S-Corporation

Compensation for Partners (Husband and Wife) in a Partnership
Capital Gains Tax of a C Corporation
Corporate Tax Filing
Restructuring from Sole Proprietorship to A Corporation 
Transferring a Company's Contractors License to Another Company 

Unpaid Taxes - What To Do Now? 
Licenses and Permits Required for Starting a Home Based Business
Home Based Catering Business for an H-1 Visa Dependent