How to Start an Errand or Concierge Business

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People running on tight schedules are the norm nowadays. There are just so many important things to do and places to go to, that running errands slide down the priority ladder. Even kids nowadays are overscheduled and have so many activities. Welcome to life in the 21st century.

errand and concierge business

With this context, a new business has grown significantly in the last decade — the errand or concierge business. As an errand or concierge service provider, you are in the business of giving customers two important commodities: time and convenience.

More people are now willing to pay somebody else to do the time consuming tasks. They want to simplify their lives and free-up their time so they can concentrate on their careers. By hiring someone to handle some of the personal things in their lives, clients feel that they can be more productive and focus on things that are important to them.

An errand or concierge business provides hyper-individualized services doing a whole gamut of tasks for clients. Some of the tasks may include:

  • picking up dry cleaning
  • shopping
  • walking the dog
  • coordinating home improvement projects
  • getting the shoes repaired
  • hand delivering documents
  • planning events
  • doing the grocery
  • picking up kids
  • prepare birthing plan
  • securing reservations to restaurants and other places

The tasks of an errand or concierge business can practically be anything that a customer wants done! For example, a concierge focusing on maternity services can help make the client’s pregnancy easier, from doing grocery shopping to setting up of the nursery to coordinating post-natal activities like sending birth announcements.

Target Markets for an Errand or Concierge Business

The types of work that your errand or concierge business will provide depend on the market that you want to focus on. There are two main markets for the errand or concierge business:

  • Consumers
  • Businesses

Consumer Market for the Concierge Business

There are a variety of segments that you can tap when you start an errand or concierge business.

The target markets are often working professionals with annual household incomes greater than $100K, though the most common users of the service are those in the top 1% of the population. These are individuals with little time and plenty of money who can afford hotel-like concierge services to help them manage and run their daily lives.

Note that this business can also serve potential target markets that are not pampered and rich, but have real needs for someone to help them cope with daily errands. Some examples of these specific market segments include:

  • Maternity concierge business focusing on pregnant women, including those experiencing difficult pregnancies and are confined to bed rest, or women who have just given birth.
  • Residential concierge services meeting the needs of residents living at luxury apartment complexes
  • Senior concierge business running errands for the elderly and sick people
  • Plastic surgery patients who need help grocery shopping and running errands
  • Fitness and gym goers who need help in managing workout schedule

Unlike a maid who simply follows orders, an errand or concierge service provider can take over for the client and have the upper hand in planning the tasks assigned. Your role is to take out the guesswork and chaos associated with events or tasks that you are hired to help on. For example, you can be asked to manage a home remodeling project including planning the scale of the project and the solicitation of bids.

Business Market for the Concierge Business

There are a number of ways businesses may require a concierge business.

For example, many businesses today are in need of a runner to bring material around from place to place. A company which does a lot of printing may need constant assistance to deliver their products.

A concierge service can also provide administrative or personal assistance offering administrative help or augmenting staff. Your concierge business will assist during seasonal workload, special projects, or absence of a key staff member, as well as do computer tasks such as data compiling, research or editing. Some businesses even require concierge assistance for gift wrapping presents for clients!

Another aspect is to provide on-demand services for the business executives such as picking up their dry cleaning, doing grocery shopping, making travel and restaurant reservations and managing their homes.

The corporate sector can be a lucrative market for the errand and concierge business, as it provides higher volume of work and longer-term accounts.


Startup Costs and Income Potential of an Errand and Concierge Business

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How to Start an Errand or Concierge Business
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How to Start an Errand or Concierge Business
Learn how to start an errand or concierge business. An errand or concierge business provides hyper-individualized services doing a whole gamut of tasks for clients.
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