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How to Start a Mortgage Brokering Business  
How to Start a
Your Successful Career as a Mortgage Broker

Mortgage banking is one of the fastest growing industries in the country. In the next few years, home purchases are expected to run into the trillions, creating more opportunity than ever for people seeking a career in this profitable industry. Real estate author, columnist, and veteran mortgage banker.


The Complete Guide to Becoming a Successful Mortgage Broker: Insider Secrets You Need to Know

A reliable mortgage broker is in constant demand and never short on business in any economic condition. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the average income of mortgage brokers is $43,210. The mortgage brokering business is one of the fastest growing occupations in America today, yet the financial success rate for these new brokers is dismal.


Getting Started as a Commercial Mortgage Broker: How to Get to a Six-Figure Salary in 12 Months

While residential real estate lending has gone soft, commercial lending is hot—with a wave of low interest rates and refinancing—and it shows no sign of slowing down. Right now, commercial mortgage brokering is one of the best ways to earn money without a ton of training. In this practical guide for first-timers, you’ll learn the basics of brokering from application to closing, as well as inside information you won’t find anywhere else. So get started!

Be A Top Mortgage Broker - Own Your Own Mortgage Company

Be A Top Mortgage Broker is a one of a kind no-nonsense mortgage manual that will guide even the novice through establishing one's own mortgage company and enabling earnings of $500,000yr and more. Licensing criterias are listed for every State within the USA + international mortgage broker licensing for Singapore, Dubai, Bahamas and The Caribbean, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

So You Want to Be a Mortgage Broker

So you want to be a mortgage broker? Or maybe you're not sure yet.

Let's imagine a little.

Imagine a world, where you are your own master:

You have the time to do whatever you wish.

You have the ability to live up to your true potential.

No limits, no barriers. No handicaps or favoritism or discrimination. Nothing can hold you back.

Jump Start Your Mortgage Career: A Proven Plan For Loan Officers And Mortgage Brokers Who Want To Skyrocket Their Income in 30 Days

This book answers the question, "How do I become a successful loan officer?" In simple English, the author explains some of the most effective strategies he teaches to other loan officers. "Jump Start" covers all the marketing essentials you need to start generating loans today. Implement the 30 Day Plan for a crash course in mortgage success.

Steiner's Complete How-To-Talk Mortgage Talk

Did you know that your home is NOT the biggest purchase you'll ever make in your lifetime? Your mortgage is your biggest lifetime purchase. At today's rates, the MORTGAGE INTEREST you pay your friendly lender will be MORE THAN TWICE what you paid the seller for your home.

The Loan Officer's Practical Guide to Residential Finance - SAFE Act Version

The book covers all of the vocational skills required of the loan originator, but also includes all Federal law, ethics, predatory lending and fraud components required by the Federal SAFE loan originator licensing Act of 2008. Published since 1992, and updated annually, this 390 page textbook was written as an answer to the "sink-or-swim" training methods of many mortgage firms. The format is designed to give the newly initiated loan officer/agent, lender, processor, or other initiate the practical information they need to do the loan officer's job.