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How to Start a Copywriting Business  
How to Start a
Start & Run a Copywriting Business (Start and Run A)

Make writing your business! Corporations and agencies outsource most of their copywriting and need copywriters more than ever today--including for Internet marketing. Most copywriters cannot keep up with the demand for their services, and many make between $50,000 and $150,000. Start & Run a Copywriting Business is your essential guide to getting started and prospering in an industry that offers substantial income, flexible hours, and stimulating work.

The Well-Fed Writer: Financial Self-Sufficiency as a Commercial Freelancer in Six Months or Less

FACT: Businesses Need Writers, and Will Pay Handsomely For Them... Attention: Aspiring writers, career-changers, at-home Moms, journalists, staff writers, recent college grads, 55+ or anyone else who loves to write, knows they're good at it, and wants to make a GOOD living at it.


Power Sales Words: How to Write It, Say It And Sell It With Sizzle

In today's fast-paced market, copywriters have approximately three seconds to grab--and keep--a reader's attention. Power Sales Words is the only reference you need help write attention-grabbing and powerful headlines.



Improve Your Copywriting: A Teach Yourself Guide (Teach Yourself: General Reference)

Used as a training tool by the world’s largest professional marketing organization, Improve your Copywriting reveals some of advertising’s greatest creative secrets. You will have fun while learning how to succeed in one of the most exciting areas of marketing communications.

The Online Copywriter's Handbook : Everything You Need to Know to Write Electronic Copy That Sells

The Web has developed its own set of rules and attitudes for writing hard-hitting marketing copy. Robert Bly's The Online Copywriter's Handbook is the first practical and authoritative guide to what exactly those rules are and how they differ from writing for print audiences. From novices just taking their first copywriting steps to veterans looking to add impact and results to their online efforts, it covers everything from general fundamentals of writing effective copy to specific Web copywriting tips and traps.

Writing to Make a Difference: 25 Powerful Techniques to Boost Your Community Impact

Engage your readers and boost your impact! Do you write--a little or a lot--for a socially responsible organization, business, or program? Wish you had an accessible writing coach to help you quickly craft potent pieces that move your readers to act? This feisty one-stop-shop of distilled wisdom will show you-step by step-how to turbocharge your marketing and fundraising documents. Start getting the results you want, right now!

Copywriting: Learn the Secrets to Writing Words that Sell (Vivian) (Volume 1)

1. Audience - Who is my target audience? Who is going to be reading what I write? Why are they reading what I write? 2. Features or Benefits - Depending upon my audience will dictate whether I focus upon the features or benefits of a particular product or service. 3. Our Goals - What is the overall goal of the copy? Is it sales, opt-ins, opinions or feedback. 4. Strategies - Have we decided on the best strategy? Who is going to tell us if we have achieved our goals? 5. End user Reaction - What is the end game? Much like our goals we must know what we want out of the copy.

Phrases That Sell : The Ultimate Phrase Finder to Help You Promote Your Products, Services, and Ideas

"An excellent 'ready reference' both for copywriters and for those entering the field." -- Robert Goldsborough, Special Projects Director Advertising Age "Holy smoke! This is amazing! A thesaurus for advertising copywriters. Where has it been all my life?" -- Denny Hatch, Editor Target Marketing Six seconds. That's all you have to grab your prospect's attention and make a sale. Use the right phrase or slogan, however, and you've made your sale.