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The New Strategic Selling: The Unique Sales System Proven Successful by the World's Best Companies (Revised and Updated)

By Tad Tuleja, Stephen E. Heiman and Robert B. Miller
ISBN: 044669519X Paperback (trade) 448 pages 5 1/4 x 8 WARNER BOOKS  


In 1985 one book changed sales and marketing forever. Rejecting manipulative tactics and emphasizing "process," Strategic Selling presented the idea of selling as a joint venture and introduced the decade's most influential concept, Win-Win. The response to Win-Win was immediate and helped turn the small company that created Strategic Selling, Miller Heiman, into a global leader in sales development with the most prestigious client list in the industry.

Now updated and revised for a new century of sales success, this new edition of the business classic confronts the rapidly evolving world of business-to-business sales with new real-world examples, new strategies for confronting competition, and a special section featuring the most commonly asked questions from the Miller Heiman workshops.


  • How to identify the four real decision makers in every corporate labyrinth
  • How to prevent sabotage by an internal deal-killer
  • How to make a senior executive eager to see you
  • How to avoid closing business that you'll later regret
  • How to manage a territory to provide steady, not "boom and bust," revenue
  • How to avoid the single most common error when dealing with the competition.