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Real World Careers: Why College Is NOT the Only Path to Becoming Rich

By Betsy Cummings
ISBN: 0446698032 224 pages 5-1/2 x 8-1/4 WARNER BOOKS



Possible? Absolutely! Today's job market has lots of room for people who leave school early or don't plan to go to college at all. According to recent studies by the Department of Labor, there is no clear correlation between a college degree and financial success. In fact, you can earn a great living-and even get fabulously rich-running your own business or with a high-paying job in the construction industry, the restaurant business, information technology, and many other fields-without graduating from a four-year college. Now, in this provocative guide to no-holds-barred achievement, business journalist Betsy Cummings shows you how to identify your passions and take charge of your future.


  • Amazing real-world success stories from people who never went to college-and how they did it
  • Why others have walked away from four-year college programs-and why they have no regrets!
  • How to prove your worth without a degree
  • The value of apprenticeships and on-the-job training
  • How to take advantage of growth industries
  • How to be an entrepreneur-without an MBA.


  • Tips from other non-degree professionals
  • Information on vocational and trade schools
  • Online resources for jobs and internships
  • Useful quizzes and more!