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Presentation S.O.S.: From Perspiration to Persuasion in 9 Easy Steps

By Mark Wiskup.
ISBN: 0446695548 Paperback (trade) 192 pages 5-1/4 x 8 WARNER BOOKS  

Don't worry…be brilliant!

Everything you need to make your next talk a resounding success is right here-even if you dread the thought of approaching a podium! In PRESENTATION S.O.S., renowned communications expert Mark Wiskup gives you a quick, concise, and (yes!) fun way to confidently sell your ideas to any audience.

Packed with unique tips and featuring nine easy, painless steps that will transform you into a great presenter, this book shows you how to:

• Develop a "Power Sound Bite" to grab your listeners' attention and focus your message.

• Get the most out of PowerPoint-and dodge its pitfalls.

• Avoid seemingly harmless words and expressions that can turn the audience against you.

• Finish big with a knock-'em-dead "Power Close."

• Win the Q&A battle-learn how to handle even the toughest questions and most difficult members of your audience.