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How to Negotiate Anything with Anyone Anywhere Around the World

By Frank L. Acuff
ISBN: 978-0-8144-8066-3 Pub. Date: March 18, 2008 Price: $21.95 Pages: 320


   In this age of the “global village” it takes world-class negotiation skills and international savvy to close successful business deals in other countries. But where is information easily available on the etiquette and practical nature of wheeling and dealing abroad? For instance: should an initial offer in Beijing be—high or low? Is it acceptable to haggle in Amsterdam? What’s most important to a Russian prospect: price, quality, or delivery time?

Organized in an easy-to-access, quick-reference format, the third edition of HOW TO NEGOTIATE ANYTHING WITH ANYONE ANYWHERE AROUND THE WORLD, Third Edition by Frank L. Acuff (AMACOM; March 18, 2008; $21.95 Paperback) is a complete passport to worldwide negotiation skills—and greater business success. Now including 63 countries, and updated to reflect changes in the international scene as well as up-to-the-minute topics like foreign outsourcing and multicultural work teams that increasingly characterize present-day work relationships, this trusty guide provides readers with the advice and information they need to negotiate with finesse and ease, no matter where they are.

Acuff gives overviews of the entire negotiating process, how culture affects negotiating, phases of international adjustment, and more. Organized by region, the book delivers detailed business profiles of each country, including “fast facts” on the monetary unit, principal imports and exports, population, cities, language, and religion. It also offers valuable insight into fine points of negotiating, business entertainment guidelines, and delicate factors (such as regional sensitivities or gender issues) that can influence—or ruin—a promising deal. Readers will learn important “inside tips” for smoothing out language barriers, choosing topics of conversation likely to warm up their hosts, avoiding those sure to turn them off, and making final demands and concessions before an agreement is reached.

Conducting business in a foreign environment, where customs and conventions are radically different, is always challenging. But armed with this A - Z (Argentina to Zimbabwe) negotiation manual, readers will be ready to do business with anyone, anywhere around the globe. Commenting on this newly revised edition, Bruce Peer, President and Managing Director, Canadian Management Centre, relates: "Frank Acuff provides practical, useful and effective advice on negotiating. His insights will prove invaluable in any setting.” Providing expert advice—and the most up-to-date information available on business practices, transactions, and attitudes throughout the world, HOW TO NEGOTIATE ANYTHING WITH ANYONE ANYWHERE AROUND THE WORLD is still the go-to-guide for those wanting to negotiate with finesse, no matter where they are.

Praise for Previous Editions:

“Acuff’s knowledge of local business practices worldwide and his familiarity with many different cultures, customs, and national psychologies is impressive and will be helpful to those working abroad in business, diplomacy, and the military . . . [a] useful and entertaining guide . . . .” —Publishers Weekly

“With comprehensive background material on the histories, customs, and economies of more than 40 countries, this primer is a must for the business traveler.” —Entrepreneur

About the Author:

Frank L. Acuff is Director of Management Development International, a Chicago area–based management consulting firm specializing in employee and management development. His negotiating experience spans the globe, and he regularly delivers keynote speeches and seminars about negotiating for businesspeople working for organizations throughout the world. He lives in Olympia Fields, Illinois.